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Summer lovin.

My daughter and I at our third trip to the ice cream shop last week.   No judging…we at least  walked there!

Vacation is always the best, right?  It even rained the first few days we were at the beach– didn’t stop us from having a wonderful time!  We saw a movie, hung out with extended family, then later played on the beach, built dribble castles, and made sand candles.  (that only a mother could love them…picture at right.)  It is amazing how every year at the beach with kids gets more enjoyable than the last.  I sat in my beach chair…ALOT.  And read books.  Like a book a day.  (Plug In: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson is fantastically hilarious!)  All in all the trip was fabulous and relaxing.  Hang on moms of younger kids…your day shall come.

sand candles


our sand candles.  yikes.  

I tried out a yoga studio while I was there.  The class was called “Vinyasa”,  so I was excited to move and get my sweat on.  We did side angle and triangle.  For an hour.  thats it.  My ADD kicked in pretty quickly and all I could think about was GET ME OUT OF HERE.  Not the class I needed.  It was a really cute, quaint studio.  Just not the one for me!

Charlotte yoga was definitely fun to come home to.  I missed my students and seeing my friends at the studios I practice at.  It has been nice sweating and feeling sore this week.

What has been hard is getting back to clean eating.  I was not completely off on vacation, but lots of food was consumed.  Ice cream, homemeade pimento cheese, watermelon, seafood, candy, popcorn.  Oh, and the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms.  What?

Okay, so I let my kids get whatever cereal they want only when we go to the beach.  That way, the rest of the year when they ask when we are in the grocery store I can answer, “When we go to the beach you can get that kind, but today we have to buy the cheapest one that has sugar as number 4 or lower on the ingredient list!”  (we usually don’t buy any cereal because those are “barf”)  Anyway, since I am a sugar-crack whore, I found myself eating the marshmallows out of the cereal box.  I thought it was just a few, but then my son pours some in a bowl and there are NO marshmallows.  Not even a little half one.  whoops.  And, like any good mom would do, I blamed in on the Piggly Wiggly.  “Grocery stores and cereals here at the beach are weird.  Kinda of like salt water taffy.  And at home we have fresh water taffy.  yes, made from Lake Norman water.”

My damage at the beach was around 5 pounds.  Almost five days of clean eating and all five are gone.  Worth it?  yes.  Ten more to go.  But….here is the problem.  I won a contest.  It’s for a photography book about women who do yoga and have curves. I probably should try out those fried oreos everybody has been talking about.  I don’t want them to not use me in the book cause my curves are gone.  Skinny People Problems.   Which is why I may have eaten creme brulee at dinner last night.   🙂

I debating posting this oh, so flattering picture of myself. I asked my husband to take some pictures of the kids making their sand candles. Making memories. I would have gotten close up of the kids digging the holes, placing their shells and the wicks.  Nope. This is it.  Money shot.  
I apologize to the poor people behind me.

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