Balance Basics-Take 2!

It is bittersweet when an Intagram challenge ends.  I love it because enjoy having a challenge everyday, and seeing where I need to improve in my practice.  But, I know I annoy my family and friends by asking to take the shots.  I decided I’ll just do them every 4 months or so.

Here is what the second half of my challenge looked like.  (You can read about the first half HERE.)

IMG_8387 Day 19:  This is lolasana…one of those poses that looks a whole lot easier than it really is.  If you look at my face, you can tell that I am pretty much,  “oofing.”  My friend Shanna and I were talking about incorporating this into our practice more regularly…if you can do lolasana with ease, you can do pretty much any arm balance!



Day 20:  Plank… I tried to be creative and do this on a bench!


Day 21:  Bujapidasana.  Another one of those that takes some major core strength.


Day 24:  Fallen Angel…easily my favorite arm balance.  This is one of those that look hard, but is actually pretty easy!


Day 25:  Bird of Paradise

Day 26:  I shot a VIDEO of Dancer.  To Outkast….how cool is it that you can add music to your videos?  #imsorrymsjackson



Day 28:  Dolphin.   This was a little out of my comfort zone.  Not the pose.  The whole bathing suit deal, and then the  poor people behind me.   I looked past the physical flaws and saw a strong, flexible body with enough confidence to rock out a yoga pose on the beach.   Stepping out of your comfort zone is CRUCIAL for growth and happiness.  I have seen it time and time again in my own life.



Which leads me into my Project 12 for October!  I am stepping out of my comfort zone yet again.  Stay tuned!

I am thinking social media breaks, makeup bans, new foods, and possibly taking a class!  I would love to hear your ideas!


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2 thoughts on “Balance Basics-Take 2!”

  1. Kacy,

    OK. First I have to admit, I’ve been happily stalking you for some months now. I’m Marsha DeVantier’s older sister (I say that cause when you meet me, you, like most people will think I’m her younger sister, and I like being known as that!!! 🙂 )which is how I found out about your blog, And I just want to say you inspire me, you are a strong, physically fit lady who has your act together. I think you have an amazing body from all your yoga and think you should cut yourself some slack. The dolphin pose on the beach is fabulous. And who cares if the people behind you didn’t like it. There was probably an older gentleman behind you secretly enjoying the view. Much to his wife’s dismay. 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to pass that along and also thank you for helping to inspire me to “Run my Race!” I’ve recently given up a paycheck to follow my dream of being a children’s portrait photographer and while I’m feeling so monetarily poor right now, I’m the happiest and at peace that I’ve been in a LONG time. Thank you!


    1. Stephanie-
      Thank you so much for commenting! You have no idea how much these kind words mean. I still feel the need to feel validation that my decision to give up a paycheck was worth it. From anyone. I’m proud of you for doing your thing…and I agree…money DOES NOT buy happiness. I am living in PURE JOY…I had no idea I could feel PURE JOY. For so many years I just walked the walk. I love LIVING. Please continue to stalk me. I love stalkers. <3

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