Balance Basics



I am participating in another Instagram Challenge, and happy to say I am more than halfway through!  The last one I did was called #defygravity.  I waited 4 months to do another one, just because I have to bug my family and friends to take my picture every single day.  (Most of the time by daughter does the honors at the bus stop.)   #BalanceBasics is the name of the game in September, and it is hosted by three amazing yogis.  Every day you post the pose of the day…you can even record a video.  Here is a glimpse so far…


Day 4:  Crescent Lunge/Anjaneyasana


Day 7:  Warrior I/Virahadrasana I  (yoga in church clothes!)

Day 8:  Video of Wide Leg forward fold into tripod headstand.  CLICK HERE


Day 10:  Eagle/Garudasana  (me staying calm in the chaos)

Day 11:Video of Frog Stand to tripod headstand CLICK HERE.


Day 14:  Revolved Triangle/ Parivrtta Trikonasana


Day 16:  Side Plank/Vasisthasana

Wanna see the rest of my journey so far?  Follow me on Instagram!

Remember how much fun the Ab Challenge was?  I have a fun challenge coming up in November…Stay Tuned!

(Hint:  it does not involve planks, crunches, or leg lifts.)


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