Basic Yoga Mix: Update 5

Here we are…almost done with this yoga challenge!  I still laugh at the name of this challenge.  Not basic AT ALL.

If you missed the other weeks that I posted the challenge pictures you can see those here:
week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4

IMG_0350Day 21:  Tripod Headstand.  This has always been easier for me than a traditional forearm headstand.  Maybe because of the wider base of support.   And, this does not count as my #37in37 list item of practicing yoga with a sports bra on because I was in my back yard.  But it is a really big step toward that goal!  Here is a VIDEO of tripod.

  • Relaxes and energizes your mind
  • Strengthens your core, back, neck, shoulders and arms
  • Lengthens your spine
  • Eases pressure on your lower back.



Day 22:  Supta Padangusthasana or reclining hand to big toe pose.

  • Alleviates stiffness in lower back and some kinds of backache
  • Stretches hamstrings, calves, and inner thighs
  • Relieves arthritis pain in hips and knees
  • Aligns pelvis



Day 23:  Vashishtasana or side plank.  I teach a class to the teachers at Providence United Methodist Church preschool every week.  One of my favorite groups of women!   (you can always join us!)

  • Strengthens the arms, belly, and legs
  • Stretches and strengthens the wrists
  • Stretches the backs of the legs (in the full version described below)
  • Improves sense of balance



Day 24: Compass or Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana.  We went to church last Wednesday afternoon and I got to strike a pose on our new outdoor worship area.  This is an intense hamstring stretch and shoulder opener.  I have always loved this pose…and I was asked to do this for the Yes Yoga Has Curves photo shoot so I practiced it often!


Day 25:  Twisted Cheetah arm balance or fallen angel.  I love teaching this pose!  It is one of those crazy arm balances that look really hard, but once you figure out where everything goes… it’s easy!

Speaking of arm balances….Ansley and I are co-leading our THIRD Arm Balance and Inversion Workshop on 10/10 from 2-4pm.  It is $30 and I promise to get you into something , or I will give you a refund!  🙂

Register for the workshop HERE or call 704.927.2774




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