Basic Yoga Mix- week 4

Happy Wednesday!

We are already at week 4 of the Instagram challenge!  Check out Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 if you missed it!


Day 16:  Upavistha Konasana or straddle fold.

  • Lengthens hamstrings
  • Stretches adductors
  • Calms nervous system
  • Can relieve sciatic pain


Day 17:  Grasshopper Arm Balance.  I usually get into this pose from Figure Four.  Check our my video on YouTube HERE.

  •  strengthens wrists
  • strengthens arms and abdominal muscles
  • opens groins


Day 18:  Marichasana C.  This is a crazy hard pose for me…

  • Massages abdominal organs, including the liver and kidneys
  • Stretches the shoulders
  • Stimulates the brain
  • Relieves mild backache and hip pain
  • Strengthens and stretches the spine


Day 19:  Parsvabakasana or side crow.   Another Video on Youtube!

  • Strengthens the arms and wrists
  • Tones the belly and spine
  • Improves sense of balance


Day 20:  Urdhvadhanurasana or Upward Bow (Full Wheel).

  • Stretches the chest and lungs
  • Strengthens the arms and wrists, legs, buttocks, abdomen, and spine
  • Stimulates the thyroid and pituitary
  • Increases energy and counteracts depression
  • Therapeutic for asthma, back pain, infertility, and osteoporosis

Thanks for reading- I am grateful for you.  <3

Here is what is going on and coming up:

*Blog Posts:  Updates on Project 12, an update on #37in37, Kadyn’s Korner post, and our experience at Tiger World.
*Donation based class at Charlotte Yoga this Saturday 9/26 at 6:30pm
*Taste of Success Party Sunday 9/27- come learn about the wellness, weight loss and wealth of the Plexus business.
*Arm Balance Workshop Saturday 10/10 2-4pm at The Cornwell Center
*Yin Yang Yoga Retreat Oct 16-18th- only 4 spots left! 






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