Beach Yoga Girl workshop

Last weekend, I attended Kerri Verna’s weekend workshop at BeYoga.  As soon as she posted on Instagram that she was coming to Charlotte, I immediately bought my tickets!  She has almost 800K followers, so I was scared they would sell out.  (and they did.)


Here is my friend Naomi and I before Saturday’s workshop–which was a 2 hour workshop on handstands.  Kerri was so cool, and down to earth and made the workshop fly by.  She has been teaching yoga for 12 years, and has 5 other fitness certifications.  She has trained with the best, and knows her stuff.  The information was a lot, so I am still processing it all.  But, I have put it to good use this week during my yoga practice and also helped coach my students.  Tip one:  Stop arching your back (“banana back”).  You actually have to keep your tail bone tucked under slightly.  I see this in a lot of my yoga  students, and it is a bad habit to break.  Especially for former gymnasts/cheerleaders.


Another pretty amazing yogi I follow on Instagram was there too…Megan Lawing (@northcarolina_yogagirl)  I felt a little star struck being in between these two ladies.


Here we all are–looking happy but exhausted from 2 full hours of handstand and handstand prep.


Sunday’s workshop was Core Work and Inversions.  I love inversions and really want to learn all I can about how to get into them, cues to give, and the anatomy behind it all.  I teach an Inversion workshop in town (next one in May!), and lead one on my yoga retreats I co-host.  I am always looking for ways to help my students (and myself!) really get it.  We all learn differently, so sometimes just the way a cue is spoken can help.  Sunday’s workshop was filled with headstands, forearm balances, titibasana, and more handstands.   My friend Alison and I had  sore shoulders from all that arm balancing work.  Tip two:  use the heels of your hands and the finger tips as your “breaks” when balancing.

Workshops are a great place to ask questions, learn by doing, and to study with a new (and in this case, expert, teacher.  You get to really focus on what you may skim over in a regular yoga class.  It is also a great place to meet new friends in the yoga community.  I am in this for the long haul, so I want to learn as much as possible so I can be the best student and best teacher I can be.  Yes, workshops can be pricey, but think about it as an investment in yourself!  Tip Three:  sign up for a workshop!

PS- Kerri is coming back to Charlotte in July…workshop at Y2 Yoga!



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