Beauty Counter: Take Two!

I have been using Beauty Counter for my skin care for a few months now.  I really can tell a big difference!  My regimen is pretty simple:  cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect. IMG_6184 This is what it looks like at night.  A giant pump of the PM moisturizer AND the Calendula oil.  I still cannot get over the fact that I am putting oil on my oily skin.  Cray.

I  love the fact the these products are natural, and that I am not slapping a  bunch of chemicals on my face.  (I get enough of chemicals with my diet coke obsession…which,  by the way I have only had a few a week since Lent!)

IMG_6085 This is a picture of me–No makeup.  (not even BB cream!)  I can really tell the difference in texture and the amount of breakouts!  (Which still blows my mind since,  again…I am putting OIL on my OILY skin! )   IMG_6086 This is a snap shot (using Picstitch…one of my favorite apps!) of my forehead with no makeup.  The top is right when I started, the middle is after about a month, and the bottom is a little over 2 months.  It is crazy how the small bumps are starting to disappear, and my skin looks tighter and more dewy. countertime

Beautycounter has a new line for aging skin, Countertime.  From the website:  Our scientifically proven line, Countertime revolves around deeply hydrating, nourishing, firming, and lifting formulas that effectively fight the signs of aging. All seven products are composed of powerful, natural, and botanical ingredients.  BCVirtualparty

You can host a party without even leaving your house!  Isn’t technology amazing?  CLICK HERE to host a virtual Beautycounter social.
This Rosewater spray is pretty amazing.  I am getting ready to put my bottle in the fridge for when I get home from hot yoga or the pool!
Want to win a bottle of Rosewater spray?  ($32 value!)
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HURRY!  I will announce the winner next Saturday May 17th! 
Want more info?  Read my initial review HERE, complete with links to videos, ingredient lists, and blogs.
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  1. I just tried my mom’s Beauty Counter moisturizer and really liked it. I’d love to try more of this product!

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