Birch boxes/Cool Sculpting

If you do not get a Birch box mailed to you monthly, first of all, what’s wrong with you?  Secondly, do it.  You may have to be on a waiting list, but it is so worth it.  For around $10,  they mail you a box filled with products.  It is so refreshing to get a fun box instead of bills.  And the box covers up all the bills in the mailbox anyway, so you can just leave them in the mailbox until the next day.   It makes my day when I see my pink box!   I am the first to admit that I am a beauty product junkie.  I have been since middle school.

birch 001This is what was in my box this month:  Whish pomegranate body butter (which is lotion…I had to explain that to my husband), Klorane dry shampoo (LOVE dry shampoo), 3 delicious teas, Benefit lip and cheek stain, and  Origins CC cream.  They make Birch boxes for men…and also dogs.  Bark boxes!  How cute.  We might just have to sign Toby up for that!

On to my next adventure…I am so excited to announce that I am getting Cool Sculpting.  FOR FREE!  I am going to be the demo model January 30th!  Background on this….One of my yogi’s is Dr. Capizzi, the founder of Stillwater Plastic Surgery.  I have often joked with him about doing some pro bono work on me…He laughs and says they usually save the pro bono for cleft palettes, not mommy makeovers.   (For the record, I don’t want anything God didn’t already give me…I just want it back to the way it was before kids!)  He must have kept that in the back of his mind, (or I possibly could have reminded him at least weekly), because he asked me to be the demo model for Cool Sculpting!

So, what is Cool Sculpting?  It is a non-surgical contouring treatment that actually freezes the fat, then the fat naturally eliminates from your body.  Best results are in patients who are within 5-10 pounds of their ideal weight, and want to lose that “hot dog bun”.  Hello.  That’s me.

Unfortunately, Dr. C won’t take a 12-pack of buns off of my body.  I was thinking, one hot dog bun off each inner thigh, one hot dog bun off each butt cheek, one hot dog bun off each bat wing, and so on.   I am getting my hot dog bun off my abdomen.

I went in today for my consultation and saw the machine that will freeze my hot dog bun off of my lower belly.   It looks pretty amazing.  Not so amazing that it can also remove stretch marks.  But amazing nonetheless.

I am not super comfortable about putting my pictures on my blog, but I want to be real and honest.  I am doing this, so I  will post before and after pictures and give my honest opinion.  (No body judging comments allowed)

I am excited to have this opportunity!


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