I have felt so blah lately.  I’m sure some of it has to do with my sinus infection.  Some has to do with the crazy holiday season.  Some has to do with the fact that my students are acting psycho and I could possibly strangle one at any given moment.

But really,  I know I have been feeling blah, because I have been eating like crap.
No horrible binges, but BLT’s.  Bites, Licks, and Tastes.  And a lot of them.

If you have ever been to a school this time of year, you know that parents and other staff members think that all teachers are in need of high doses of sugar, peanut butter, chocolate rolled into balls and then of course deep fried, then dipped in ranch.   This is fine for people that are not me.  I talked about my sugar addiction in the doughnut blog.  It is serious.

I think it started with a little bite of pound cake here (which I don’t even like), then a cookie there, and  gobstoppers everywhere.  My energy is crap, I have been a just a wee snappy, my stomach hurts, and my weight is slowly creeping up.  (Although I had a bobby pin in my hair, so I subtracted 5 lbs for that.  It was one of those really heavy duty ones.)

Everyday I tell myself to get back on track.  And everyday I fail.

I am trying to simply view this as a simple setback.


Successful goal getters use setbacks as motivation to re-commit.

I re-commit.  Starting tomorrow.

Disclaimer:  Today is already screwed.  Someone brought in pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and I am meeting friends for wine and cupcakes tonight.


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