Blessing Bags

January is always the time when I feel compelled to make Blessing Bags.  I had my family do it for New Year’s Eve one year, then I made it part of my Project 12 last year to make and give out at least 12 Blessing Bags a week.  My family is very used to me passing these bags out.  I always have one in my car ready to go.

IMG_0796This year, I asked my women’s circle at church if they were interested and they were!

We set a date to pack the bags, and I sent out a sign up genius so the ladies could pick what to bring.  We made 48 bags, since lots of things come in 8, 12 and 24 packs.


We unwrapped all the goods on the table, and packed the bags assembly line style.  Our bags included: chapstick, toothbrushes, tissues, wet wipes, peanuts, granola bars, instant coffee, water bottle, crackers, and socks.


Then we wrote a note to put in each bag telling each recipient that they were loved and being prayed for.


I added instant coffee to the list this time…I recently learned that most gas stations will give away a cup and hot water at no charge.


Wanna make your own Blessing Bags?  I encourage you to do this.  It is a quick way to help out someone who really needs your help.  My kids love making these and giving them out!

Here’s some good ideas of what to get to stuff them with:

  • Gallon size ziplock bags
  • socks
  • gloves/hats
  • handwarmers
  • instant coffee or tea bags
  • fruit cups/ dried fruit
  • crackers/ beef jerky
  • granola bars/nuts
  • wet wipes/tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • journal/pen
  • restaurant gift cards
  • chapstick
  • lotion
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • water bottle
  • mints/gum


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