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When Carolina Sweat announced they were bringing a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) machine to the gym, I knew I had to try it out.  I am so glad that I did.  It was extremely interesting, and actually very liberating. (Remember, I tend to be a scale whore.)  This machine is different.  I promise.  Go down to the Nutrishop and tell them I sent you.  Seriously, mention my name, and it is free.  And worth the drive.


Why?  Scales just tell you the weight,  not the muscle-to-fat ratio of that weight.  Based only on scale weight, a 250-pound athlete with 8% body fat may be considered “overweight” by a typical weight chart.  You know, “The Rock”?  He is considered obese on the BMI Chart.

So, I told Scott my height, slipped off my shoes, and hopped on the BCA machine.  Of course, there was a little terror when my weight flashed across the screen,  because it was the middle of the day.   I was fully clothed, had eaten breakfast, exercised, and chugged a few liters of water.  And I had in my biggest bobby pin.  (kidding…I am not that bad)


This is Scott.  He printed off my data, and explained my results to me.  This print out is pretty comprehensive, so make sure you have them explain it to you!  My lean body mass, which is water (90 pounds!) and dry lean mass (30 pounds) makes up about 120 pounds of my body.  The other 40 pounds is fat.

My takeaways:

  • According to just my weight, If I even sneeze the wrong way, I am overweight.  But, because my skeletal muscle mass is 70  pounds, it puts me in the high muscle mass section.  My body fat at 40 pounds is normal. I have a” D” shaped graph which means I am “normal weight, strong type”.  (I love that by the way.  and this will make so much more sense if you just go get this done!) I know I am not overweight, so this was so liberating to see it on paper.
  • If I gain one pound, I will be in the overweight section of the BMI Chart.  According to the PBF (percentage of body fat) chart, I am normal.  Like, exactly in the middle.  Can someone please throw the BMI charts out the window?
  • I am 25% body fat.  If I lose 6  pounds of fat, and keep the muscle I have I will be at 23% body fat.  Totally doable.  I do not need to add any more muscle mass.
  • I need to eat more protein.  Scott recommended 120-150grams a day and to get more long lasting protein like casein, instead of whey.
  • My basal metablic rate is around 1600.  That means I burn around 1600 calories just sitting around breathing and being awesome.  That was a good number to know, because I was not eating enough calories.  My daily exercise calories can range from 200 up to 1,000.
  • I have an amazing,  strong body.  It has water, muscle, organs and fat.


I am excited to go back in 2 weeks, and I will keep you updated!  If you have the chance, please go!  So many of my friends have gone and are excited to see that that silly scale is just another measure that fluctuates when it is cloudy outside!  (seriously…did you know your body hangs on to water weight when it is overcast?)  Just like the scale, measuring tape, judging my clothes or pictures, this is a way to help you reach your goals and stay healthy.  It is just so much more detailed and reliable!  xo

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