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Meet Lindsay!  She is  an award winning boudoir photographer and the Vice President of a women’s empowerment non profit.  Lindsay is focused solely on empowering women to be confident, sexy and proud of themselves.  Her motto:  “You are your most beautiful RIGHT NOW.”  Not 5 or 10lbs from now.  Embrace yourself and step out of your comfort zone for an amazing experience!

I sat down with Lindsay before our photo shoot to learn more about her business.

KacyWhy boudoir? 

LindsayI reconnect women– their inner vixen, through intimate portraits.  With my expert skill in lighting and posing it won’t matter if you’ve lost that last 10lbs or not, I’ll make you look and feel like the amazing woman you already are.  My boudoir sessions are incredibly empowering and you will leave your session feeling amazing, fearless and confident. 

We focus solely on boudoir so you know we’re experts at what we do!  You don’t have to worry about anything, we walk you through the entire session… from helping you pick out the perfect lingerie,  to posing you down to your fingertips. 

KacyWhat makes your sessions so special?

LindsayWe offer luxury albums and plenty of gifts to surprise your husband/partner with!  Boudoir sessions make an amazing holiday gift, you get a huge boost of confidence and they get stunning images of you.  We offer professional hair and makeup as well!  It’s a win-win!  

KacyWhen is the best time to book a session?
LindsayRight now! When was the last time you felt sexy? When is the last time you took a few hours and reconnected with yourself?  When is the last time you were pampered by a professional hair and makeup stylist?  Can’t remember?  I can help.  I create intimate, empowering sessions for women.  It’s a safe space to feel sexy, forget your troubles for a few hours and be pampered.



Here is an example of how amazing the hair and makeup artist is!  Those before pics…those were hard to post, ya’ll.  But,  that is what we were working with.  They didn’t look near as bad with that Valencia or the Mayfair filter, but I’m trying to keep it real.


Here I am…no makeup, getting my hair done.  Courtney, the hair and makeup artist was so nice, and incredibly professional.


After hair, comes make up!  I loved the smoky eye she gave me, and the boost to my lashes with falsies.  We were going for an edgier look….Courtney can also do a beautiful natural look as well.


Luckily, I was not going for the natural look.  Because of course,  I woke up with a giant zit!  Ha ha ha!  Courtney pulled out her airbrush and that thing disappeared!  🙂

Ladies, it’s time to lose the yoga pants and the business suit and slip into something a little more sexy!  Embrace your inner vixen.  Do the session to celebrate a new beginning, a birthday, marriage, an anniversary, weight loss, a new career, or celebrate being single again.  Even if you tell yourself you’re doing it for him/her you’ll be surprised at what a boudoir session can do for you too!
Love yourself now.  Celebrate yourself now.
Stay tuned for my next post in this series…I will share a select few of the pictures!
Contact Lindsay to book your session today!
704 . 412 . 1904




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