Busy Days

I am excited to share that January’s Project 12 was a HUGE success.  We made and shared 96 Blessing Bags for the homeless.  I set a goal at 12 a week…we more than doubled that thanks to your help!  February’s Project 12 is well underway.  I’ll share more this week!

The thought of being a stay at home mom now that my kids are in school is a very attractive thought.  Get them on the bus and I have the whole day to do whatever I want.  Wrong!  I am so busy–with a great balance of work and fun!


I ended up taking my kids to school on Friday.  I teach a 9:15 class, and if the bus happened to be late, then I would be late.   Never a good idea if you are the instructor.


My son was delighted to see this old station wagon.  “Mommy, that guy is driving a limo!  An actual tan limo!”  I had to take a picture.  Then, I had to roll down my window while driving and explain to the kind gentleman that my son thought his car was a limo.  He loved it.  He called me baby with his cigarette still in his mouth.  My daughter melted under the seat.  (Yes.  There is a pattern of how my son and I are very ostentatious and embarrass my daughter every day.  We can’t help it.)

I taught my new 9:15 class, then took the 11:00 class.  I had time for a quick shower before meeting a friend for lunch at Reid’s.  We both got steak cobb salads.  I ate mine before I realized I should have taken a picture.   She treated me because she is awesome and proud of my early retirement.  After lunch, we made a quick trip to Just Glo, my friend Mandy’s med spa.  (I posted a while back about my Latisse Results. )  Mandy and her partner can take care of just about any beauty need you crave!  Facials, waxing, injections, spray tanning, Latisse,  plus a whole line of skin care.

Back to Y2 to teach the 3:00 and the 4:20 class.  I don’t mind teaching back to back classes.  The students always bring so much energy to class.

After class I was so excited to meet my friend Amy for a date.  I am used to seeing her everyday at work.  With only a week apart, we had a ton to catch up on.  We had dinner at Ming Fu’s.  (yes, I am still celebrating Chinese New Year), then went and painted at the Tipsy Paintbrush.  So fun!


Chicken and mixed vegetables for me.  (no rice or eggroll…again.)  Amy got Seasame Beef.  Both were so yummy!


We both decided to drink red while we painted.  This was such a good wine!  (World Market $12)


Wine poured.  Aprons on.  We are ready to go!


Final Product.  I’m not quitting my day job.



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