Can you believe it is March?

IMG_0449February’s Project 12 was such a beautiful way to spread and show love.  Every single person I sent a letter to was so overwhelmingly happy and grateful to get a note in the mail.  I even got a few love letters myself, and every time it completely made my day! IMG_0270 I love the old romantic notion of writing letters, and  I will continue to do so throughout the year.  Letter writing is a lost art and we should bring it back into style. It’s one way to show gratitude and love in a very busy world.  It may not be daily, but I plan on getting out the stationary at least monthly and making my family sit down and write a letter with me. IMG_0448 Now we are into March.  In this glorious month I will not be eating out.  At all.*  Which is going to be really hard.  I LOVE eating out, and going out to lunch or dinner has been a really nice escape for me to stay busy during my grief cycling.  But eating out is making my wallet smaller, and my waist larger.  So, no more.  Here’s to saving some dough, and getting into my old jeans. *I would like to add a disclaimer here…If someone practically begs to take me out to lunch, and simply must treat me, I will go. IMG_0453 Would this be a hard challenge for you?  What restaurant would you miss the most and why?  My vote is for Whooli’s and Starbucks!

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