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I started going to Carolina Sweat because I was so heavy from grief, and yoga wasn’t happening.  I liked it and hated it at once.  I liked the idea of getting exercise, and hated the way cardio pulled the grief out of my lungs.  I called my husband crying EVERY SINGLE morning on the way home after I finished.   The first month I went, I was going for the sole reason get that black, thick, tar-like grief out.  I wasn’t looking to lose weight,  just to be active and to clear my mind and heart.

I ended up getting so much more out of it.  When I cleaned up my diet… (remember the pie-chart?  You cannot eat like crap, work out a bunch and lose weight!) I did end up with inches gone.  I still cry sometimes, but I keep going.  It has been 2 full months, and I am addicted.  I get out of bed 3 days a week to make the 6:15am class.  I love going.  When I first started I could barely get through a class.  It is still tough now, but I make it through with a smile. I am so much stronger.   We even do little challenges.  The first of March, I could do 21 push ups in a minute.  We tested again in the middle of March and I did 23.  By the end of March, I knocked out 35 push ups in a minute.  Boom!


Here I am with one of my trainers, Sarah Pay.  I sat down with her for a Q&A.

Kacy:  Why did you start Carolina Sweat?
Sarah:  Our desire in creating Carolina Sweat was to provide the most effective and efficient workout available, suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels, in an environment that is welcoming and encouraging but still challenging. Our workouts are safe, strategic, and sustainable and from what we’ve heard they’re a little bit addictive!

Safe: (because we want to help people get healthy, not hurt)
Strategic: (we don’t want to waste anyone’s time)
Sustainable: (these workouts can be done longterm without burnout)

Kacy: What sets Carolina Sweat apart from other workout programs?
Sarah: Carolina Sweat is more than a workout program. We see each individual as a whole person that operates within a larger community. The morale that develops between the women is unlike anything we’ve seen elsewhere. No matter what fitness level you may be at when you enter the program, we always finish together and it’s a team effort when it comes to motivation. Because we focus on total wellness, we offer nutritional counseling, goal setting strategies and the wellness coaches are personally focused on helping each client meet her individual goals.

Kacy: If you could communicate one thing about your desire for the women who enter your program what would it be?
Sarah: In a phrase, I’d say I want each woman to become her very best so that she can offer her best to the people she cares about the most. As women, we often give and give and sadly neglect ourselves. Carolina Sweat offers an atmosphere that nurtures women in a way that they feel both challenged and motivated. Although it requires lots of discipline, dedication, hard work, time and effort learning proper exercise form, how to best fuel the body and how to care well for the whole person, it’s totally worth the effort.  Seeing women transform not just their bodies but their entire lives inspires us as trainers and coaches to be OUR best too!

Kacy: What does a Carolins Sweat workout look like?
Sarah:  Each workout lasts only 45 minutes but we work hard the entire time. We have a unique system of exercises that we call the Sweat Superset System. It involves rotating between exercises for short intervals that we incorporate from all areas of the fitness industry. This gives us the opportunity to develop creative workouts that are constantly changing and challenging so that our clients can push themselves to their maximum potential. And that’s the key… you’re pushing to YOUR maximum potential…not the person next to you. You can expect to get your heart rate up each day and burn an insane number of calories.


I am really excited about this challenge that started Monday.  This challenge encourages you to make good nutrition choices, eliminate unhealthy ingredients (like artificial sweeteners!), committing to work out days, meditation, and even getting the proper amount of sleep each night.   You can start this challenge anytime!  In fact, Carolina Sweat is giving away 2 6-month memberships to two lucky readers!  This is an AMAZING deal, so do not miss out on this opportunity.

Here is the deal:
1.  Share this post on Facebook or Twitter
2.  Like Carolina Sweat on Facebook (CLICK HERE)
3.  Like It’s A Pleasant Life on Facebook.  (CLICK HERE)

I will announce the winners on Friday April 17th! 

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  1. I have shared this link and liked these pages. I would be so excited to win this! I went to Carolina sweat for 2 months but unfortunately had to stop due to the loss of a job. Praying hard for this!!

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