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Why I took a month off from blogging


I haven’t sat down to write a blog post in over a month.  I didn’t even update my teaching schedule.


Lots of reasons that make lots of sense and others don’t make much sense at all.  Like…. I don’t know, I’ve been busy, I would rather read,  I don’t have anything to say, I have too much to say, my kids need me, my husband needs me, It is not income producing for me, I don’t want to, it takes to long to upload pictures, my computer is slow,  people don’t care what I have to say, I don’t have time, I’m not a good writer, I want to enjoy life and not take a picture of everything I do and then write a novel about it.

So, that is what has been going on.


I went to Nashville with my girlfriends.


I went to Vegas for the annual Plexus Convention.


Then I went to  Nags Head with my family.

I am working hard and I feel spoiled all at the same time.  I am eating clean (90/10) and exercising.  I am taking care of my skin with quality products, monthly facials, and by wearing sunscreen.  I bought myself a fancy purse and wallet because I deserve it and I am worth it.  I am planning a winter get away for my family in December…somewhere tropical.  I am reading books and listening to podcasts that light fires under my butt daily.  I surround myself with people that challenge, support and believe in me.  I set goals and announce them proudly.  And then just change the date if the timing wasn’t quite right.


I am deliriously happy.  I am unbelieveably healthy.  (I forget I even have UC on most days!) My husband is a dream for the most part and the kids are pretty awesome too.  I love teaching yoga, working my plexus business, and having my energy clients.  I cry multiple times a week in gratitude.


I have lunch, coffee, dinner and wine dates often.  I love how full my social calendar is.  And, it’s on my terms.  I pick and choose what I need.  I also carve out my own time.  I need quiet, “Kacy” time and I love that I have the freedom to do that.

I’ve tried a few recipes I would like to share soon.  I have been reading some books that I want to tell you about.  I plan to finish my #37in37 list.  I still have a lot of restaurants on my #dinnerfortwelve list to review.

So, stick by me if you can.  I don’t know where I am going with this…I am not ready to give it up quite yet.  Just not ready to put my life on hold and put in the time it takes to post blogs multiple times a week.


Proposal Roast

Happy Hump Day!
I had to put up a quick blog post for my readers simply to  tell you to go and make this roast.  ASAP.  Go buy the ingredients today and have it for dinner tomorrow.
I call it “Proposal Roast” because the first time I made it, my husband took one bite, pushed his chair away from the table.  He  got down on one knee, asked me to remarry him, never leave him and to make this once a week.  I can’t guarantee a ring single ladies, but I can guarantee that this is easy, delicious, and low carb.


Four things you need:

  • A 2-3 pound chuck roast
  • a packet of powder ranch dressing mix
  • a packet of AuJus Gravy mix
  • one stick of butter

This is it.  Get out that crock pot and put all the stuff in, and leave it alone.  I go low for 8 hours or so.

Ya’ll.  Get a chuck roast.  Don’t get eye of round, rump roast, or any of those other cuts.  Chuck equals luck ladies.  And stop being scared of butter.  Put the whole stick in your roast,  top your veggies with it, and mix it in your coffee.

Back to dinner.
Never mind.  You are done.  BAM!  Go to work, go to yoga, go get a mani, or go to Target by yourself.  Read a book, go to lunch, take a nap.
I make this once a week and the re-proposals keep coming.  Do you think I have to do any dishes after this?  Have you seen my new boots?  Going out with the girls?  Yep.  You get the idea.

We usually have ours with some type of veggie, and I heard it is great on sandwiches.  I am working towards Vegas abs,  so no bread for me.  But this roast with some steamed broccoli, mashed cauliflower or a side salad is so satisfying.


Other recipes that come pretty close to a proposal:

Bacon wrapped meatloaf

Beef Short Ribs

Cauliflower Pizza

Eggplant Awesomeness

Mexican Zucchini Boats

Smoked Sausage and Cauliflower Rice


It’s Ash Wednesday.  Are you giving up something for Lent?



Letter to myself


This is a very powerful exercise and I recommend doing this or something similar.  The idea is loosely based on Beach Money by Jordan Adler.


My life in one year- January 18, 2017.
(written January 18, 2016)

Well, 2017 is here and in full swing.  I am still trying to get over writing 2016 on documents and checks.  Does anyone else struggle with that?  We just got back from church.  We love our new pastor and so glad we stuck with the year of learning and growing with interim pastors.  My mom and Jerry came to church with us and we went to lunch after.  My mom could not get over our pictures from our cruise.  I can’t believe we are still so relaxed and sun-kissed.  The money I have made with Plexus this past year has allowed me the financial freedom I never thought possible.  I was  able to treat my family and friends to dinners, spa treatments, and fun nights out.  We were able to give back to our church.  We were able to foster dogs and sponsor kids in third world countries.  We were able to donate time and money to various local charities.  We were able to sell our home and buy a new home and pay for the remodeling.  We were able to finally start a college fund for our children.

Let me back up and tell you about 2016.  It was the biggest year of my life in terms of professional and personal growth I have ever experienced.

In January,  I attended Super Saturday with my team and promoted to Senior Gold.  Poor Kadyn got braces, but I was able to afford to pay for them.  What a blessing Plexus is for our finances!  Daniel became an elder for the church.  Brody played basketball and continues to do  well in school.   I am so proud of my family.  Sweet Toby dog turned 3, and makes our family complete.

In February, the new Charlotte Yoga studio opened.  It is spacious, gorgeous and successful.  I am forever grateful to do what I love and I was lucky enough to pick and choose the classes that fit best in my schedule.  I could not ask for a better boss to work for, and better people to work with!  I feel loved, valued, and appreciated at Charlotte Yoga.  I planned a quick trip to Florida to see Leslie Zann.  She was so motivating, and I am so glad I was able to treat Daniel, Peggy, and Julie to an amazing training.  We loved spending time with friends who live in Ponte Vedra.  Brody got his orthodontic expander off, and Kadyn made the soccer team at her middle school.  With my Plexus promotion bonus, Daniel and I celebrated Valentines day dinner at McNitch house. 

In March, we finally moved to our new (to us) house.  I promoted to Ruby, so doing the renovations was not a huge strain on us financially.  We built a bathroom in the basement, and updated the kitchen.   I am amazed that I have a team of over 200 people now!  I feel so blessed to be in this leadership role.  I love the emails, phone calls, and texts I get from my happy customers!

April rolls around, and I host a successful yoga retreat in the mountains.  It is always so wonderful to get away and connect with other women.  Daniel had a birthday, and the kids and surprise him with his favorite dinner and  gifts for being such and amazing dad and husband.  We start a college fund for our kids and decide to sponser children in third world countries.  Things we never thought possible before!  All my vegan customers are so happy because Plexus revamps the MegaX so the capsules no longer contain gelatin.  Hooray!  They are no longer just plant-based…they are truly vegan friendly!

In May, I took a trip with my girlfriends to Nashville.  We had a blast and I got to see my Grandaddy’s picture in the Hall of Fame!  I finished up my 37in37 list by taking my family on a hot air balloon ride.  Kadyn and I took a mother-daughter birthday beach trip, and I promoted to Senior Ruby.  We were able to do some pretty nice outlet shopping with that big promotion bonus.  The testimonies I hear from my ambassadors reminds me everyday how life changing Plexus can be, and I am grateful to help them.

The summer was really busy!  I got to go to Vegas for the annual Plexus convention and had so many of my team members with me!  I was so close to Emerald, and loved having my sister there with me, who just promoted to Senior Ruby.  My family took our annual beach trip to the Outer Banks.  We took Daniel’s parents on a guided sailboat ride, and treated them to dinner and ice cream.  We even worked up the nerve to go para-sailing!
Both of my kids went to overnight camp, and we easily wrote that check.  It was always a huge struggle before for them to enjoy that luxury.  I met so many people through Charlotte Yoga and gained a few new private clients.  We finished up the remodel in our master bathroom, which means I finally get the garden tub I have always dreamed about!  Daniel went on his annual mission trip to Gary, WV and presented the School for Life a big check.  Daniel and I are both so thankful to give back.   In July, I promoted to Emerald.  That meant 3 things:  1.   I move into the 6 figure income I have always dreamed about.  2.  Plexus pays for me to lease a Lexus.  3.  I earn a trip for two to Hawaii.

September came and the kids went back in school.  Brody went into 4th grade and Kadyn into 8th grade.  They both adjusted really well, and I love their teachers.   For the first time ever, I did not stress about back to school shopping.  In previous years, I had to borrow money from my parents, or teach classes overtime to pay for it.  Now I am able to be with my family and provide for them as well.  We also welcomed a new furry family member to our home!  She is a sweetheart, and gets along well with Toby and the chickens.  Daniel and I went to Kona, Hawaii–courtesy of Plexus!  Hawaii has always been a bucket list item for us…now we get to go every year!  It was really cool to see the volcanoes, ride in a helicopter, go snorkeling, and to relax together.  I also celebrated a full year of no Ulcerative Colitis medications!  Thanks to Plexus I have been in remission for 365 days and I celebrated with all my PFF’s in Hawaii! 

October and November were busy months, where I continued to train my Plexus team, teach yoga at Charlotte Yoga, and fall into my favorite roles as mom and wife.   My kids love helping clean up creeks and volunteering at the animal shelter.  Daniel and I continued staying in shape together, taking yoga dates and trying new healthy recipes.

We picked out a giant Christmas tree for our new home and decorated it with all our meaningful ornaments.  Daniel and I celebrated our 15th anniversary.  I popped open a bottle of nice champagne to celebrate Daniel and his  promotion to Emerald!  That meant he got to pick out his Lexus as well.  (this promotion meant that the following years we can EACH bring a guest to Hawaii!)  On Christmas day, we surprised our kids  with a cruise that left the next day. 

Counting all the blessings! 


One of the first vision boards I made in October of 2015.


Another vision board I made in January of 2016.


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