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Why I took a month off from blogging


I haven’t sat down to write a blog post in over a month.  I didn’t even update my teaching schedule.


Lots of reasons that make lots of sense and others don’t make much sense at all.  Like…. I don’t know, I’ve been busy, I would rather read,  I don’t have anything to say, I have too much to say, my kids need me, my husband needs me, It is not income producing for me, I don’t want to, it takes to long to upload pictures, my computer is slow,  people don’t care what I have to say, I don’t have time, I’m not a good writer, I want to enjoy life and not take a picture of everything I do and then write a novel about it.

So, that is what has been going on.


I went to Nashville with my girlfriends.


I went to Vegas for the annual Plexus Convention.


Then I went to  Nags Head with my family.

I am working hard and I feel spoiled all at the same time.  I am eating clean (90/10) and exercising.  I am taking care of my skin with quality products, monthly facials, and by wearing sunscreen.  I bought myself a fancy purse and wallet because I deserve it and I am worth it.  I am planning a winter get away for my family in December…somewhere tropical.  I am reading books and listening to podcasts that light fires under my butt daily.  I surround myself with people that challenge, support and believe in me.  I set goals and announce them proudly.  And then just change the date if the timing wasn’t quite right.


I am deliriously happy.  I am unbelieveably healthy.  (I forget I even have UC on most days!) My husband is a dream for the most part and the kids are pretty awesome too.  I love teaching yoga, working my plexus business, and having my energy clients.  I cry multiple times a week in gratitude.


I have lunch, coffee, dinner and wine dates often.  I love how full my social calendar is.  And, it’s on my terms.  I pick and choose what I need.  I also carve out my own time.  I need quiet, “Kacy” time and I love that I have the freedom to do that.

I’ve tried a few recipes I would like to share soon.  I have been reading some books that I want to tell you about.  I plan to finish my #37in37 list.  I still have a lot of restaurants on my #dinnerfortwelve list to review.

So, stick by me if you can.  I don’t know where I am going with this…I am not ready to give it up quite yet.  Just not ready to put my life on hold and put in the time it takes to post blogs multiple times a week.


Strawberry Picking

It is hard to believe that I have made it 37 years without picking berries.  I’ve picked fruit from trees, but always want to pick berries. I added it to my #37in37 list and last weekend we went!

We were sure where to go, but a quick google search for closest farms brought us to Wise Acres Organic Farm.

Wise Acres is a family owned u-pick organic strawberry and pumpkin farm in Indian Trail.   They are a USDA Certified Organic farm and grow berries using only natural methods to ensure the healthiest and most delicious produce.


I promise Brody was excited to pick berries.  LOL.

IMG_2756 (1)

We each got a container…they have bigger ones, but we each wanted to have our own.  The strawberries are $3.29 a pound when you pick them yourself.


We had to stop and see the goats…So cute!  They also had chickens, bunnies, hayrides, and a couple of playgrounds.


The pear tree didn’t have any fruits, but we are going to go back when they produce later in the summer.

IMG_2764 (1)

We washed up and started picking!  You want to pick berries that are red all over, and get them with the stem still on.


Close up photo.


Mommy/daughter selfie before we headed home!

Progressive Dinner

It is hard for me to believe that I have never been to a progressive dinner!  I know they were popular in the 70’s and late 80’s, and have made a comeback recently, and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.  I added it to my #37in37 list back in May, so I was excited host one of my own.

I sent a text to my neighborhood peeps and they were in.
Tip 1:  Do this in your ‘hood so nobody has to drive.

I paid my daughter to watch all the kids, which was a huge plus!
Tip 2:  Hire help in the neighborhood!

We started with drinks …


Sangria- One of my favorites!    It was so good, we finished one pitcher, and took the second pitcher down the street with us.


Tip 3:  Serve drinks. (duh.)


On our way to house number two!  Part of what made this so fun was walking with a different person and talking on the way to the next house.  And this 90210-ish photo shoot we did.


Salads…We had two choices of some pretty fancy greens.  I chose the arugula, almonds, blueberries, and goat cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette.

All the kids were dropped off previously at the salad house.  It was good to check in to make sure all was well.  These two cuties did a magic show for us!

Tip 4:  Have live entertainment. But don’t pay an arm and a leg for it.  We paid a penny each for these magic show tickets.


We had the main course at our house.  I served my famous proposal roast, broccoli and cheese and french bread.


Dessert was key lime pie and coffee ice cream pie. I had a piece of each and they were well worth the burpees I did earlier.  Who am I kidding?  Toby and I just took a walk.  😉

Good thing I took my Carb Block.

Tip 6:  Eat dessert

This was seriously too much fun!  I loved hanging out with everyone, walking our neighborhood and just being together.  We plan to do again in the fall.

Have you ever had a progressive dinner?  What did you love about it?  Any tips for this beginner for next go around? 

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