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Food = Fuel

Food is fuel.  I know this.  I tell myself this several times a week.

I know when I fuel myself with foods that compliment my life…I feel like I could rule the world.  And when I allow sugar, wheat, or too much alcohol to creep in…it is the complete opposite.

I like eating proteins, fats and veggies.  I like drinking a lot of water.  My body runs really smoothly that way.  My workouts are better, my digestion is smooth, skin is clearer, sleep is deeper, mood is elevated, and I simply don’t have the achy joints that an autoimmune disease brings.   (Looking at what I just typed I wonder how in the hell all those sour patch kids, bread and champagne made their way in to my house!)

I started a Facebook group about a month ago and it has been so supportive.  We are from different backgrounds, and all have different reasons, but all eating keto-ish.  The support, the recipes, and the accountability makes this group lots of fun.  PM me if you want to be added!

Here is a look at a few of my go-to meals…


Most mornings I am lucky enough to sit down and eat with my kids before they are off to school.  (I absolutely cherish that time!)

Spinach-feta crustless quiche, with a side of coffee with heavy whipping cream.

2 boiled eggs with salt and pepper.  Coffee with heavy whipping cream.

2 eggs over medium, 1/2 small avocado and coffee with HWC.

When I am on the go…I grab a protein shake.  These are my favorite pre-mixed brands.  (My favorite powders are Quest and Plexus 96)


Lunch time is usually leftovers, meals I prepped ahead of time, or I go out with friends!

Leftover Proposal Roast with green beans.

Tuscan Salmon with creamed spinach.

ChickFilA with my kiddos.  I get the Cobb salad and ask for my grilled nuggets instead of fried.  And I love their avocado lime ranch dressing!

I love going to Reid’s and getting a big salad!  I went for bib lettuce, grilled tenderloin, feta, bacon, boiled eggs, and pine nuts.


We are eat at home kind of people for the most part.  There are days that dinner time is our only family time!

Grilled burger and kale/cabbage slaw.  (and a dill pickle!)

Dinner out at Viva Chicken.  I always get the stuffed avocado…it is sooooo good!   I switch out the quinoa for feta.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp.   CLICK HERE for the recipe!

I love making a big batch of soup or chili for dinner.  Then we have tons of leftovers!  Having lunch ready when I am working at home is so easy and Daniel packs his lunch for work everyday.  A few nights during the week, my family has “whatever” night.  We all just grab what we want and sit down together!

I would love to hear from you….

What are your go to meals?   


A Day at the Spa!

My husband and I recently celebrated 15 years of marriage!

Our anniversary is on Dec 23rd, and although I loved our wedding and everything about it, finding time during Christmas season is always hard.

He was sweet enough to have this gorgeous bouquet waiting for me when I woke up that morning.   But then came the hustle and bustle of church and company and cooking.   So I decided to surprise my hard working man with a treat after the craziness settled down.

I knew we would get home right at dinner time, so before we left I made a huge pot of chili.  I like to keep my chili low carb, so I added lots of beef and sausage.  Then just added 1 can of beans, onions and diced tomatoes.

I kept the secret of where we were going for over a week…that is a big deal!  But my hubby loves surprises and his love language is quality time, (well, and physical touch!) so I kept my mouth shut.

I told him to wear workout clothes, but to pack a bag with a bathing suit, and a comfy outfit to come home in.   And I told him to make sure his underwear was in good shape.  Ha ha!  He guessed  we were doing a sexy photo shoot, or going to Ray’s  Splash Planet.  (Um, No.)

We ended up at the Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge.  They have a wonderful spa there with so many amenities.  The cool thing is, when you book a service, you can hang out all day long.  and that is exactly what we did.

I did insist on us getting a good workout in before we lounged and got pampered.  Only because it puts us both in such a good mood.  We did 40 minutes on the elliptical, and then some free weights.

After our workout, we changed into our suits and relaxed by the pool.  We drank a glass of wine, read and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

This picture sums up how relaxed we felt after our couples massage.  We had an add on, and we both went for the deep tissue.  I needed that!  I’ve amped up my workouts a bit so I had some pretty tight knots in my upper back and hamstrings.

After our massages, we relaxed some more by the pool and enjoyed the steam room and the sauna.  And lots of cucumber water.

Pedicures came next…It is hard to see how beautiful this view is.  It was a pretty gloomy day in Charlotte, so this picture doesn’t do it justice.    I can’t wait to come back on a gorgeous, sunny day.  I am thinking about treating my sister to a spa day when she hits her next promotion!

The finished product!  I got a cute puple color…he just got a buff and loved rocking those spa sandals.  🙂

And that is a rap!  We felt all glowy and  shiny when we left.

This is something my husband would never do for himself, but really deserves it.  He is a really hard worker and does so much for me, my kids, and everyone else in his circle.  He enjoyed it and it was so nice to get a way for several hours.

A wise person once gave me the secret to a happy marriage

“Once a week-Once a month-Once a year.”

Once a week go on a date.  This doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner, or expensive night on the town.  My husband and I go for a walk, yoga, or simply kick the kids out for an hour so we can connect over bagged salads at our kitchen table.  Once a month is when you are supposed to get away…even if it is to a hotel in the same city!   (Sending the kids away counts too!) The once a year is taking a vacation together…alone.  (That is one we are working on now!)


Stay tuned… next week I will recap my Raleigh trip and share what I’ve been eating lately!



Top Posts of 2016

I will be the very first one to admit that 2016 was not my best blogging year.  In fact, I took off for months at a time, and even wrote THIS POST about why I took a break.

I have made a decision to try again in 2017.  I really enjoy it…even if it is just for me and my family.  When I went to my high school reunion this year, several friends begged me to keep it up.  And as much as I may embarrass my husband, I know secretly he enjoys it!  Sometimes,  I like to think about my grandkids and great grandkids looking through my blog.  Seeing what books we read, what we ate, my favorite things,  funny favorites, and… how flexible Granny was!

Here is a look at my top posts of 2016:

  1.  Teaching Schedule: always in the top 10…I plan to update it weekly with my latest and greatest!
  2. Recipes:  I promise to keep updating this page!  It is one of my favorites to share throughout the year.
  3. It Has Been A Year: A look back at a year.  A year of grief.  A year when my heart was so broken and I felt broken.  My dad is in heaven.  January 8th will be two years…which is pretty unbelievable.  There are days when it seems like yesterday and other days when it seems like that was 10 years ago.
  4. Proposal Roast:  Ya’ll need a ring, huh?  I cannot believe this was the fourth most read blog.  It came in at over 8,000 views!  I know I saw a few engagements on Facebook…I wonder if this roast had anything to do with it!?
  5. Letter To Myself:  I absolutely LOVED this exercise and plan to do it again in January of 2017.  Even though not everything happened as planned it was so empowering.
  6. Body Composition-Part II:  all about how the scale blows.  And how working out and eating clean can get you some pretty sweet gains otherwise.
  7. May Favorites-  it still surprises me how well these “favorite” posts go over.  Not sure why it is so surprising.  I know I love reading/talking  about foods, lotions, workouts and other faves from others.
  8. The Scoop On…Plexus Slim:  This was a fun little segment I started!  The plan was to go through each product in the Plexus line with the “scoop” on each.  I will definitely finish this off in 2017!  I did get as far as doing one more scoop.  Click HERE to read about Plexus Block.
  9. Dinner for Twelve:  The yummy 12 places in Charlotte I picked to eat at.  This is TOTALLY on my list to hurry up and complete.  I mean…hello?!  Why did I not fulfill this dream destiny?  🙂
  10. Weekend Recap:  Again…You guys love reading just normal everyday things that my family and I do.  And I love that.  xo

Okay 2017.  I’m coming.  <3


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