Change is Good

  Yesterday we had big plans to go to Boomerang Bay, the water park at Carowinds.  The weather was cloudy and rainy, so we had to change gears.  I was secretly glad since my UC has really been bad lately.  I am back up to the highest dosage of my medication (4800mg), I am bleeding, and my cramps have been pretty severe.  I know I need to go to the doctor.  But, I keep putting it off.  Hoping it will be better tomorrow.  Scared to go because it never gets better.

Meanwhile, I stay super busy with my kids.  Distraction.  We ended up having a busy, fun-filled day together.  Finally.  I”m not going to lie.  My kids have been getting on my nerves.  The arguing will not stop, and they do stupid things to egg each other on.  I threaten to put them in a camp daily just for my own sanity!

We started off seeing the movie, Racing Stripes at Stonecrest.  They play G and PG movies at 10am all summer on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for only $1.  It was a cute movie, and of course I cried at the end because I cry at every movie.  My husband still can’t get over how I cried at Monsters University.  “But he finally made it!  These are happy tears!  I am just so happy for him.”  (the monster).  My crying was quickly replaced by my Momma Bear anger when some lady yelled at my son to stop touching her chair.  I’m sorry lady.  You are at a $1 movie with kids yelling, moms nursing, and you have a watermelon blow pop stuck to your butt.  Don’t yell at my kid.  I said none of that.  Instead, I rushed my kids out of there as fast as possible because she was big, mean and scary.  I’m a lover, not a fighter.  And a wimp.  Fight or Flight?  FLIGHT.  ALWAYS.


Lunch was at Smashburger.  I’ve heard a lot about this place, and it was wonderful!  I was able to get my burger with no bun, and they had sweet potato fries.  I felt like I was cheating, but I wasn’t!  While we waited for our food, we went and threw coins in the fountain and each made a wish.  My daughter told me she knew what my wish was…really? You know I wished for a boob job/tummy tuck?  Ha!  She said my wish was probably that her and Brody get along better.  Cheaper wish.   I should have thought that out a little better.


Next up was a professional storyteller at the South County Regional library.  When we got there, the lady informed me that no parents were allowed in, and I could come get my kids in 45 minutes.  WWHHAAAAAATTT?  I hugged her-and tried to do that jump up and down screaming hug I used to do with my friends in high school–to show my appreciation.  She must not have gone to my high school.  I browsed around the library, checked out books, read a little, and made fun of the moms who had their kids with them.  I picked my kids up and learned that the storyteller was lame and that my little one farted really loud during the storytime.  He did say excuse me, but only in a small whisper.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.  


Back at home…Painting.  It is on our bucket list.  It was wonderful.  I put on the xx album.  (the older one, the black one…it’s awesome) and my kids quietly painted.  They gave each other compliments and used manners.  It was glorious.  I felt a little bad for all the camp threats, and my sniffing glue comment.  My husband came home and even he painted.  Even Toby,  got to paint an orange paw print.  (he hated it)


It was all over soon.  That wonderful calmness can only last so long.

They will both be in 1/2 day camps next week.  Kadyn in baking camp, Brody in swim camp.  Not sure how we are going to pay for it.  But it is cheaper than my funeral.   Or theirs.





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