I feel incredibly lucky to have the support of my husband.  He is my rock and helps push me into growth,  through uncomfortable situations because he believes in me.   He loves to see me happy, settled, and stepping up into my personal power.

I have recently made some pretty big changes in my life, and I  wanted to share what is going on with my readers.  The rumor mill can be pretty crazy, so here is the deal straight from the source.    I decided to stop teaching at two yoga studios.   I have worked at Y2 Yoga for since 2010, teaching kids yoga, working the front desk, and then eventually teaching my first adult class on May 1, 2011.   Laughing Buddha was the next studio I ventured out to in May of 2012.

Both of the owners of these studios gave me a chance to teach and helped me grow in my practice as a student and an instructor.  I will still continue to teach at yoga at The Cornwell Center, YMCA, and Charlotte Yoga.   And to be clear, I did not leave Y2 or Laughing Buddha FOR Charlotte Yoga.  (Yes…there is a new Charlotte Yoga studio opening soon, and I hope to teach a few classes there, but I have not signed any contracts!)

So, why did I leave?

My energy has been incredibly scattered for the past few months…I have been going a million miles an hour in a million different directions.  I really needed to focus on what is  most important to me, what my passions are, and where and who I need to share my energy with.


My time is my love language and it is so incredibly precious.  I decided to reign in and focus on 5 passions.

  •  My family is number one, and they will always come first.  They are the reason I stopped teaching school and moved to a career with a more flexible schedule in the first place.  Now that my daughter is in middle school, she needs me.  She doesn’t think she needs me, but she does.  Her bus ride is 90 minutes long, so I want to pick her up from school.  I need that time, in the car to connect with her.  My son and I have a new date every Sunday evening when my husband and daughter go to youth group.
  • My Plexus business is taking off and that makes me really happy.  I have quadrupled my income and my customers in the last 2 months. I absolutely LOVE helping people feel their very best, and I enjoy the time I spend with my new business, my clients, and learning and leading my team to be successful.  I kind of feel like I am getting my masters degree…in Plexus!
  • Teaching yoga at one home studio.  Building relationships with staff, clients, having one paycheck, one place to sub, and one place to drive.
  • Energy work— this leaves me space to see my clients more regularly
  • Private clients…another passion of mine!  I have added a few more clients, and this gives me more time with them.

The yoga world is hard.  There are certain classes I want to teach, because those are the times that work with my life.  Well, these times work for other professional yoga teachers lives as well.  Both studios I was working at were not in a position to do schedule changes, so unfortunately, I had to leave.  I have to trust that the financial piece will fall into place.

I am sad to leave these studios, and will miss teaching my students there.

I feel at peace with my decision, and I know this is what is best for me and my family.




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