Check ins and Check ups

  My car passed inspection, so I was able to exhale a breath I’ve been holding onto for a month.  The mechanic reminded me that the most important thing I can do with an old car keep to keep up with the oil changes.   I had my annual physical at the doctor, and I guess I passed inspection too.   The physician told me the most important things at my age are to wear sunscreen and stay at a healthly weight.

Looks like I picked the wrong year to get fat, super tan, and drive old Betty on fumes.  As far as my UC goes, I am still struggling.  I have now increased my medication to 3200mg a day.  This is 2 in the morning, two at night.  One side effect of the Asacol HD is dizziness.  Not good for yoga, my drug of choice.  I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I feel judged when I fall out of a pose because I’m a teacher, and I think people think I should do it perfectly.  I feel like announcing at every class, “I am currently on medication that makes me dizzy.  I may fall out of poses.  I am also trying to stay at my current weight, and not be too tan.  Can someone remind me to change my oil every 3,000 miles.”  I found a group on Facebook called Girls with Guts…interesting site with women of all ages with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Coilitis.  They even have retreats and “butt meetings”.  Hahaha!

  In fun news, my family and I made a chart with 100 things to do over the summer.  I completely stole the idea.  My husband outlined the chart so it was even. (I’m pretty rambunctious and hate rulers)   We all got to submit ideas… It was interesting that we all had similar a things we wanted to do together.  I must admit that I was the only one who wanted to add clean out the fridge.  But I also did not–I repeat did not put go to Monkey Joe’s.
   In other fun news, I got my first birch box.  If you are not doing this, start!  It’s so exciting!  In my box was a lavender nail polish, hair serum, post cards, a bag, and shaving cream.  Kid not included.
We couldn’t check any off today, because we forgot to add, “get on mommy’s nerves.”  Damn.


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