Chicken Update

I have many readers ask about a chicken update!  Yes.  They are still alive!  I think some of you were just checking in to make sure these didn’t turn out like the other 2 batches.   Luckily, these girls are safe with us and doing awesome.


The best part about having the chickens is getting the eggs!   It’s like Christmas in July up  in here.   I like knowing where my food comes from.  The eggs my chickens lay are convenient,  they taste better, and I like the idea of controlling what they eat.  (and in turn controlling what I eat when I eat the egg.)


I feed my chickens a laying feed, scratch grains, and lots of fruits and vegetables. (watermelon is their favorite)   I go by Whooli’s Grill about 3 times a week to get the leftover produce that they don’t use.  You can see in the picture above the chickens are eating salad mix, cherry tomatoes, and celery.  Once a week I give them a little bit of oyster shell to keep things moving and to help keep their shells hard.  I don’t give them many other table scraps besides fruits, vegetables, and some meats.  They eat enough bugs to get their protein in, and I don’t want them eating any processed gunk.


The only problem we have run into with our girls was recently, and it was pretty minor.  The coop was starting to stink, so before we went out-of-town, my husband put some hay down in the coop.  (Because hay covered chicken shit smells fantastic.)  We get back from out-of-town, and all the hens had clumps of mud on their feet.  Like giant balls of mud.  The balls of mud were so big, that some of them had trouble walking.  They had to lift their feet up super high to take a step.  I knew we had to do something, so my husband and I went in the coop and I was just going to pull the mud off their feet.


First of all, chickens don’t like to be held.  So, catching a chicken is hard.  Luckily, they couldn’t move too fast because of the giant mud balls on their feet.  My husband grabbed Amber, and I started to pull the mud balls off.  They were really hard and didn’t pull off too easily.  We switched and I held the hen, and my husband tried.

Ya’ll.  Hay mixed with chicken poop and rain is like the house building material of the future.  The big bad wolf could never blow your house down.  My husband had to use channel locks to break up the mud balls. He was squeezing so hard his hands were shaking.  I can’t make this stuff up.  It took over an hour to give our five hens a chickacure.  (chicken pedicure).  We joked that when we were done they probably felt like they could fly to the moon.  You know the feeling when you wear ankle weights for a while, then you take them over and you could probably slam dunk your first-born.

Moral of the story:  Get chickens.  Eat the eggs.  Don’t put hay out. 

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2 thoughts on “Chicken Update”

  1. Funny story about the chickacure. Nothing that I can imagine doing….ever. I can’t say I’ll ever raise any of my own chickens, but I think that your handling of them, including their diet, is the way we should be raising chicken/eggs. There are way too many chemicals in their diet….and therefore our diet.

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