Chickens: Round Three


This is a picture of our new and improved chicken coop.  My handy hub attached it to the kids’ tree house.  New and improved because we have had chickens in the past.  Twice before actually.  The first time they lasted about 12 hours.   I am not kidding.  They came around 6pm, and at 6am it was over.  Horrifying.  One carcass was actually up in the treehouse.  The next time we rigged it up a little better and they lasted 2 days.  We are hoping the third time is a charm.  (My dad says that about his marriages…it’s working pretty well for him.  My husband isn’t even allowed to think about divorcing me.  How would I blog without my Hey Girl?)


I love these girls ya’ll.  They are so fun to take care of and I love seeing my kids be a part of this!  We named them after gems:  Opal, Onyx, Pearl, Emerald, and Amber.  They are 5 completely different breeds.   (we have a Golden Comet, a Rhode Island Red, an Americana, a Black Leghorn, and a Brahma mix.)

IMG_5737And…our first egg!  Fresh chicken eggs are so much richer and better tasting than eggs you get at the grocery store.  Right now they are just laying eggs on the ground of the coop.  We were hoping they would train themselves to go into the little boxes we made for them.  I heard if you put golf balls where you want them to lay the eggs, that is where they will lay them.   So, we tried it and it worked!  Here is a link to a VIDEO I took and posted on Instagram of the chicken coop.  Pretty cool!


They are so friendly!  My son loves coming with me in the morning to feed them, give them fresh water,  and check for eggs.


They eat some chicken feed, scratch grain, leafy greens, and table scraps.  (Just not chicken!).

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