Chili–2 ways!


I love teaching my daughter how to cook.  It is such a nice bonding experience to stand side-by-side in the kitchen and create something amazing together.  (Side note:  it is really good to talk to tween/teens and even husbands in this parallel fashion, side by side.  It is less confrontational… going on a walk is also a good idea.)

We usually make a big pot of something on the weekend, so when we are rushed we have our go-to meal.   This week we make chili…two ways.  I have blogged before about how we all eat differently in this house, and we make it work.    So, for Kadyn it was white chicken chili, and for me and my husband it was keto chili.  (of course my son ate a peanut butter sandwich.)

White Chicken Chili

Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in large pot.  Cut onion, pepper, carrots and celery and add to the pot, stirring until the onions are nice and golden.  Add the ground chicken breast.  Drain and rinse the white kidney beans and corn, the add to the pot along with a white chicken chili packet.  I also used a big carton of chicken broth.   Bring to a boil, then let simmer for a while.  I told her that her roommates in college will love her for this one cold dreary Sunday in 7 years.
(Not pictured:  big carton of chicken broth)




Then I had to make a chili for me!  I don’t eat beans or corn, (no good for UC) so I created a recipe that would fit right in my diet!

Keto Chili

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in large pot.  Add a chopped onion and pepper.  When onions are nice and golden, add 2 pounds of ground chuck and get that all nice and brown.  Add 2 cans of chili seasoned tomatoes, a big carton of chicken broth, and a package of chili seasoning mix.  Bring to a boil.  Using a cheese grater, shred in the squash and zucchini.  Cover and simmer.
(Not pictured:  seasoning pack and large carton of chicken broth.)
(Over pictured:  Cans of tomatoes.  Show offs.)


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Do you  make a big “something” over the weekend so you and your household can eat on it all week?  Leave your comment below!


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