Committing to yourself


I made a commitment to myself.  These are always the hardest to keep, although they should be the easiest.  We should respect and honor ourselves just as much as our loved ones.   If you wouldn’t break a promise with a friend, don’t break one with yourself!

I started going to FlyBarre 3 days a week.  Yes.  I have made this commitment before and failed.  I am trying again and it is working!

I like schedules, and I like holding myself accountable.  I go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday— NO MATTER WHAT.  Last Friday, the only class I could make was going to really put me in a big rush.  I went anyway.  I love to hate this workout.  I still groan and cry a little during mermaid and dynamic arms.  It is getting easier, and I am seeing results after only 2 weeks.


I also re-committed to yoga 3 days a week also.  I have been teaching so much lately, I put my own practice on the back burner.  I think a lot of teachers tend to do this from time to time.  No more of that!  I get on my mat on Tuesday, Thursday, and one day of the weekend.  I was able to lift both legs in my mountain climber yesterday…and actually hold it for longer than 3 seconds!


In lazy news, my husband and I committed to a new Netflix show, Damages.  It is about a law school graduate becomes the protégée of a successful high-stakes litigator.  We are only in season one, but it is thrilling and we love it so far.  I love being able to plop on the couch after our crazy busy days and watch a show together.  <3



Actually, my husband could care less if the show is good.  We do enough communicating during the day.  By communicating, I mean I send him at least 75 texts, and he always responds with a “K”.  I know he is busy at work, but how about the actual word, “okay”?  Or one of the several emojis that seem to always relay just how I am feeling?  When we watch our show at night after the kids go to bed,  it’s really just an hour where I shut up and not go spastic on the emotional number line.


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4 thoughts on “Committing to yourself”

  1. HAHAHAA I love your blog you crack me up, the K response kills me too, it’s Men! LMAO Thanks for posting your stories, I love them!

  2. Yay you for re-committing! I admire anyone who does barre. I enjoyed reading this post. I keep hearing about Damages and need to try it. I’m still watching Scandal.

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