Cool Sculpting: Part Two

I would first like to suggest to whoever is handling Obamacare, that women who have children should have the option of a tummy tuck and/or breast augmentation.   Like, it needs to be written in the insurance stuff.  (Women wouldn’t have to do it…but, it would be an awesome option for those of us whose stomachs had to stretch to carry a small whale during both pregnancies,  and whose jolly rogers became oh-so-jolly for 40 weeks, aren’t so jolly anymore.  They are depressed.  They frown… and look down at our shoelaces.)


I went in for my second Cool Sculpting treatment on Thursday.  It has been about 4 weeks since my last treatment.  I plan to show my before and after pictures at 8 weeks and 16 weeks.  (best results are after 12 weeks)


I am excited about my treatment plan…it has changed a bit since I started this journey!  When Dr. Capizzi first introduced this idea to me, we were going to do two treatments to two areas…upper and lower belly.  When I went in, we decided to do a more advanced technique for a more sculpted, defined look.  The first treatment  was 4 areas, and the second treatment was 3 areas.  I have had no weight loss since my first treatment.  Weight loss is NOT a side effect of Cool Sculpting.  It provides a slimmer contour and not significant weight loss.  (The fat that is grabs and freezes is that “fluffy” fat…think about it like cotton balls stuffed in the hot dog bun…that isn’t going to weigh anything!)


Tammy, the cool sculpt rock star, has been there since day 1 of this journey with me.  And that big thing is the hotdog bun sucker-outer!  Even though it has only been 4 weeks, Tammy and I both agreed we see some good contoured results already!


This is a close up with the vacuum on my skin.  There is a protective gel pad under the vacuum to shield my skin from the cold and suction.


Once you get attached, each treatment lasts one hour.  Just enough time to watch an episode of Scandal.   The suction doesn’t hurt…It feels like someone is grabbing at your hotdog bun, then it is cold for a few minutes, then you feel nothing.  If I hadn’t been so into Scandal, I could have easily fallen asleep.

Now, I was sore after my first treatment, and feel a little sore after the second.  It feels like I did a lot of ab exercises.   Last treatment, there was some dulling of sensation,  and I did bruise a little.  This treatment, I only feel/look a little swollen.  This is nothing major, I promise!  I taught a yoga class, and went to my son’s soccer practice right after all 3 treatments yesterday!  All of these side effects are common.


It is really important to stay hydrated, since the injured fat cells are processed naturally from your body.  I made a refreshing pitcher of cucumber water!  Yum!

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