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I want to start by addressing some of the backlash I have gotten by agreeing to do this.   I am at a time in my life where I finally love, like, accept and appreciate my body.   That doesn’t mean I don’t want to improve it.   I  had two amazing babies that stretched and tore my body apart.  I had disordered eating and destructive exercise habits in the past.  I think making an improvement on your body is not a bad thing.  I am not asking for anything God didn’t already give me.  I just want it put back the way it was before my pregnancies.   Funny thing:  When I asked the few people who disagreed with me doing this if they would do it.   They all said they would jump at this opportunity.  They just didn’t understand why I was doing it..  ???   I know.   Haters be hatin. 

A few posts ago, I revealed the exciting news that I was chosen to be the demo model for Cool Sculpting!  (read that post HERE!)

Thursday was the big day…No school because of snow for the kiddos.  I was NOT cancelling this exciting opportunity, thanks again Karen!  (side note:  I am really finding out how awesome my village is with my husband’s crazy hours.)

I am greeted by Amanda, Stephanie and Tammy.  This is a team of  rock stars!  I was pretty nervous about doing this and they really made me feel at ease.  I didn’t want to tell Dr. Capizzi what a baby I am, and how I cry when I get the flu shot because I was afraid he would change his mind!


Tammy Ryan is the experienced R.N., who did the contouring treatment on me.  We took some before pictures,  ( and consulted with Jenny, another specialist.   I sat in a comfy chair and got all tucked in and cozy.  Tammy laid a cold gel pad to protect my skin from the freezing effects of the cool sculpting.  The machine was hooked up,  started vacuuming up a hot dog bun size of my pooch and began to freeze the fat for an hour.  Yes, it was cold and a little uncomfortable for the first few moments.  After that,  I was comfortable enough to take these photos of myself.  If I hadn’t been talking everyone’s faces off I could have fallen asleep.



This is an actual picture of my hotdog bun being sucked up into the machine…Bye Bye!

It does take an hour for each section you get done.  I am getting four sections done, instead of two.  Previously, I was getting the pooch above my belly button, and the one below.  After my consultation, we decided I would have better results and more contouring if we broke it into four!  I like the idea of better results and more contouring.  duh.

This was an event, so women came in and asked me questions while I was hooked up.  I think they were a little apprehensive about getting cool sculpting and wanted more information.  After they saw me updating my twitter account,  and not in pain….they all booked appointments!  This is such a great way to transform your body without downtime, surgery,  tight garments to wear afterwards, and no anesthesia.  If you are interested Stillwater Plastic Surgery is having another event on February 20, 2014 from 10:00-11:30 am.  You can get a free assessment for cool sculpting if you go.

I was a little sore and bruised (but remember I take 4800mg of Asacol…a pretty high dosage of an anti-inflammatory medication. )Tammy recommended Arnica Cream for the bruising and I am happy to say, that 2 days later the bruising is gone!   (I got the value pack at Healthy Home Market:  AKA the “stinky” grocery store by my kids)


I drove myself home after the procedure, took a hot yoga class, taught a hot yoga class and even had wine with friends later that night!


I can’t wait to keep you all updated on these results. I will post before and after photos at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks.

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  1. I’m so glad you had results because I did the same process with Stillwater and had no results. None what so ever. I sure wish it would have worked because I loved the staff there.

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