Warning:  Super Addictive!

I feel amazing when I don’t eat sugar.  But the past month, before I go to bed I have to tell myself that tomorrow will be different.  I tell myself that I can get through the day without eating sugar. I remind myself of that country song, “One is one too many, and one more is never enough.”  The singer is actually talking about tequila.

I am a super sugarholic.  Most days I can make it though. Lately, those days have been few and far between.  The days I do make it through, I am a a raging ball of headache anyway, so my family begs me to go to Krispy Kreme, and I know they secretly hope I spend the night there.   It would be okay if I could just eat a few M&Ms and call it a day.  But, I can’t.  If I eat one cookie/cupcake/piece of candy… I want 15.  Then it takes 3 days to get it out of my system.  It is really an awful cycle.  But I keep repeating it because I can’t stop!

Well, its the time of year when one of my friends makes her infamous Caramel Puffs.  I call it crack.  Seriously.  You cannot just eat one or two.  It is the whole bag.  Then you want more. I ate some yesterday and I need more today.  Luckily, she had another bag, and I told her I needed it so I could take a picture and blog about it.  I ate that bag too.  Now I want more.  I may even have the shakes.

So tonight, I will say the same thing.  Tomorrow I will not eat sugar.  I am stronger than that.  I will never lose these last 10 pounds if I continue to eat sugar.  I remind myself that I have very few stomach issues when I stay away.  I hope she doesn’t bring anymore crack to work.  But I also hope she does.

Amy was kind enough to share her recipe.  If you make this for a Christmas party, just beware.  You won’t go to the party.  You will immediately put on sweatpants, turn on a Lifetime movie and eat the entire recipe.  I have never made it.  I’m just assuming that is what I would do if I did.

Recipe for Caramel Puffs  (AKA Crack)

1 bag and 1/4 of another bag of Chester’s Puffcorn Butter Flavor (she gets it at Walmart, near the chips in a blue bag)

Have it ready in a large roasting pan.

2 sticks of real salted butter

1 cup of lite brown sugar

2/3 cup of lite corn syrup

Melt these on medium heat until it boils, then set timer for 2 minutes, stirring.  Then add 1 tsp of baking soda.

Stir until mixture rises to the top of the sauce pan, then pour over puffcorn and stir very well.

Bake at 250 degress for 50 minutes.  Take out to stir every 10-15 minutes.  Spread on wax paper and break apart.

Store in a air-tight container.  Then eat it all and don’t share.

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