Date Night

Everyone once in a while, my husband and I separate our kids and each take one, so that we can spend some time with alone with each child.  I think this is so important.  It is easy to get into the habit of lumping  your kids together as “your kids”.  My kids are so different and amazing in their own unique ways and it is hard to remember that when they are either:  a.)  arguing with each other or b.)  not speaking to one another.


These two cuties went to the Daddy Daughter Dance at Crews Road Recreation Center.  This is an annual event that is catered, has a professional photographer, and a DJ.  My daughter was so excited to tell me that she taught Daddy the “Wobble.”  Oh…to be a fly on the wall.

Which left me and my favorite 7-year old boy by ourselves for our own date.  We decided to travel over to “Valentine” (Ballantyne) for  dinner, Sports Connection, and ice cream cones.


If you live in Charlotte and don’t have one of these books, what is wrong with you?  This is our life saver!  Being on a tight budget is so stressful because I feel like I can’t take my kids (or myself) anywhere!  We were able to use a coupon in this book for dinner and the ice cream.  (we had coupons from Brody’s birthday party for Sports Connection.)  What would have been a really expensive evening (and we wouldn’t have gone) ended up only costing us around $20!

First stop:  JJ’s Red Hots.  Since we had the stomach bug a few days ago, what better choice for  dinner than hot dogs?  I know!  Let’s top it with cheese, mustard, onions and bacon.    (I didn’t eat my bun.)


After dinner we drove to Sports Connection with the music blaring and singing loudly.  (we already communicated over dinner)  I love how young and free that voice sounds coming from the back seat.  Even if he is singing about being friends with a monster that’s under his bed.  Plus, he likes it when I dance and sing too.


This is Brody telling me not to come up on the ropes course with him, and how he is not scared.  (That little teenager strapping him in made me go up with him.  I think he just wanted to strap me in the harness.   I didn’t have to pay because I used my best Mrs. Robinson impression on him.)

IMG_4213The bumper cars were just a little too far down for him.   (and me!)  A ropes course that should have taken us a little over 30 minutes to complete took about 7 minutes.  (Because we were too scared and didn’t complete it)  We decided to play video games instead.


Stephen’s Scoops.  He got play doh, I got cappuccino crunch.  Yum.


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