Daughter’s Wisdom


My daughter is unbelievably wise for her 10.5 years.  She is the one who came up with the idea to put the bible verses in the Blessing Bags, and she thought of the idea for me to give up make-up for Lent.  Her words:  Doesn’t God love you if you are wearing mascara or not?  My words: (inside my head only):  Only God could love this face without it.  And for the record, I decided to give up Diet Coke instead, but she is still amazing.  And for the second record if you count that sort of thing, I have been drinking it nonstop since I decided that is what I am giving up.

Weather like today always puts me off…plus I am nervous about Project 12 for March.  I am almost out of mineral veil, and I highly doubt they sell it at the Kangaroo express or GNC.  I was also really excited to get back into FlyBarre today.  Of course the class I wanted to go to was full.  And of course it was rainy and cold.  And of course Salsaritas has quit selling mineral veil.  And I love Diet Coke.

This morning I was frantically deciding if I should go to yoga, because my back hurts, or do I give myself a break and go to the Y.  When I go to the Y, should I do the elliptical, or maybe I should just take a cardio strength class.  Will that hurt my back more?  Maybe I’ll start swimming again today.  My stomach actually hurts too, and its cold and rainy.   AND I CAN ONLY GO TO WAL-MART.  I realized I was arguing with myself out loud because my brilliant daughter says, “Do you have to do something?  Can’t you just chill?”

Why yes. Yes,  I can young grasshopper.  I will chill.

I spent a leisurely hour wandering the isles of Wal-Mart.  I was in no hurry and went down many isles I don’t normally go down because I am usually in a hurry.


I found this, neared orgasm, and  then put it back on the shelf.  There was a misprint on the tiny bag.  It said it had 12 servings.  I’m sure they meant 1-2 and just forgot the dash.  I do not buy knock offs from Wally World.    I went straight to the cooler and grabbed a Diet Coke to finish shopping.


I bought a plant instead.  I’m hoping it will lure the sun back out from hiding.  And, yes, this is it’s good side.  It was only $2.88.    It looked a little sleepy, so I mixed Diet Coke with the water to brighten it up a bit.


Toby got a new honeycomb bone since all his toys are under the couch and I’m too lazy to get them lost.   He is guarding it with his life and he is adorable.


My kids think that Jello is the best treat ever, so I made them little individual cups so they can brag about having the best mom ever when they are at lunch this week.  I decided not to put any Diet Coke in this.  More for me.

I have a spaghetti squash in the oven and a delicious sauce simmering on the stove.  I did absolutely no laundry and only a little bit of dishes.  I drank only diet coke and watched Grey’s Anatomy from last week.  Toby was so happy to have me home all day.   He told me so, and so I gave him a little Diet Coke.    It is amazing how awesome I feel just to relax and give myself a break.  I am also high on diet coke as I type, so disregard this entire post.


I am trying to drink all the Diet Coke I can before Wednesday.  Trust me…this is a lot better than the time we gave up vodka for Lent.




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2 thoughts on “Daughter’s Wisdom”

  1. LOL! I loved this. And I love Diet Coke too. I don’t drink coffee, just Diet Coke. Not sure I could give it up for lent though… ugh! I think we might be sisters. I don’t have any so I could use one! Ha! Thanks for the laugh! xoxo!

  2. This entire thing had me DYING LAUGHING bc I could hear you saying/reading it in my head! Too funny! Loved it!!

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