December Project 12: Update 1

Just wanted to write a quick update on our month of GGs.


I love our ADEVENTure Chain  We have been taking turns after dinner writing what we are grateful for.  This is such a quick, cheap, easy way to get into the true meaning of the season.

Some other random acts we have done…


The lady who checked us out at Target wasn’t really in the Christmas spirit to say the least.  My son said she probably wanted to celebrate Boxing Day like they do in Canada.  I say because that place is a mad house and she had been on her feet all day.  You can imagine the smile on her face when my sweet Kadyn brought her this Frappuccino.   A small act on our part to really make someone else’s day.


I went to a white elephant gift exchange party at a friend’s house and scored this fabulous clutch.  During the whole white elephant stealing/gifting fun a friend stole this from me.  I ended up getting it back at the end of the night.  This friend, Beth,  is also one of my favorite yoga teachers at Laughing Buddha. I always feel really light and amazing after I take her class, so I left it for her all wrapped up at the studio.   I see her really rocking this gold clutch.  Where am I going to take it?  On my wild and crazy Saturday evening vacuum shopping?


That is the remains of my giant chicken Caesar salad and 2 diet cokes I had at Another Broken Egg Café.   I had to get some work done, and had to be out of my house, so my special angel could get her work done.  (Am I the only person in the world who still uses a paper planner?)  Since I was there for an hour, and since I am GGing it, I left a bigger than normal tip.   I was telling my husband about it on the way to dinner Friday night.  (Yes…I ate out for lunch and dinner!  Pretty rare.)  On the drive to the restaurant, we decided we would leave a big tip for our waitress at dinner.  Well, when it comes time to pay,  she tells us our dinner has been taken care of.    (Hello–can you believe this?  I can hardly believe it, but I LOVE it.)


I bought packs of Ultima for all of my Yin Yang Workshop participants on Saturday.  Ultima is a powder that you add to your water after working out to help replace electrolytes.  It is one of my go-tos and  a great way to re-hydrate without adding extra calories or artificial sweetener.

My family has been busy spreading all kinds of GGs around.  I can’t tell you anymore of our random acts.  They wouldn’t be random anymore, and we think it loses some of the magic when you tell.   We just want to share some easy ideas for you and your family to get involved with some GGs of your own.  Stay tuned.  <3


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