December Project 12: Update 2

Our December Project 12 is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier serving others–we are truly grateful.  I am not just saying that either…my kids are really getting this and it is awesome.  (You can check out Update 1 by CLICKING HERE)


These are the gifts we chose to send to Gary, WV.  When I looked through the gifts that were already donated, it was all mostly toys for little kids.  We decided to put some focus on the teenagers.  The ball pump is actually a donation for The School for Life.  When my husband told me there was not a ball pump there, I all but lost it.  As a former PE teacher, a ball pump is a MUST!


I didn’t go on this mission trip because I had hot plans last Saturday night.  So, I told my husband to take lots of pictures of the families picking out the gifts for their kids, tons of pictures of our kids being awesome, and everyone praying together.  I wanted to do a really in depth blog post with pictures so you could see how amazing this mission is.  Instead he sends me the text above.  The ONLY PICTURE he took on the whole trip was of a sign of a church they passed that said, “Bring your sin to the altar and drop it like it’s hot.”  He even drove back there  to take the picture.  I agree that it is hilarious, but are you kidding me?  Not even one other picture!?  This is my business…does he not remember that Sugar Free Sheila tweeted about me last week?


In other Project 12 news, we knocked out our animal shelter donations.  We took a bag filled with nylabones, gently used towels, new pillowcases, canned food, treats, toys, and extra plastic bags.  Since the towels were used, and the bags were free, we ended up spending less than $40 for all this stuff for the cats and dogs.


The employees were so excited to see us and receive the donations!

This was one of those things that seemed like a really good idea…and it was, don’t get me wrong.  I am just one of those really emotional people who cry easily.


First of all, this was the same shelter where my husband and I adopted our first dogs, Daks and Lollie,  back in 2002.  We got the last of two litter mates and they were our fur babies for a long time.  (the whole story about how I brought home 2 dogs instead of one is for another blog post all together, my poor guy.) They are in doggie heaven now, but  were they not the cutest things ever?

Besides all that,  I am surrounded by these puppies that are so adorable and they are looking at me with those giant sweet eyes and telepathically begging me to take them home…well, I cannot even begin to deal.  I started bawling right there in the animal shelter and  we had to leave.  I told my kids in the car why I was so upset, and they completely got it.  Because my kids are awesome.

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