December Project 12 Update 3

IMG_9431Giving non perishable food to Loaves and Fishes was not on our original list of ideas for this month.  But, the opportunity came up through my kids’ school, and so we jumped at the idea.


The kids each packed a big bag of food to take to school for the donation.  Maybe someone will donate some pants that are not high waters for my son.  (I pick my battles.)


The Coinstar charity trip was pretty easy.  Our piggybank was not quite as full as the last time I took it, but it still came to over $40.  I chose to donate to Autism Speaks.

Other random things…we have been putting in a dollar everytime we go into the store and the Salvation Army bucket is there.  EVERYTIME.  I go to the grocery store several times a week, so even the bell ringer knows me as, “The dollar lady.”  I felt a little cheap at first, but if you knew how many times I forget items, and how many times I have to go back for stuff…a dollar adds up.


Still tipping big at the nail salon.    So much that they basically fight over who gets to trim my cuticles.  This festive red color is OPI’s Big Apple Red, and I love it!

My husband and I also sprung bigger than usual for teacher gifts this year.  Teachers are hard working, and so underpaid it is ridiculous.  I know teachers spend more time with my children on a daily basis than I do.  They deserve a really awesome gift.


All this giving and gratitude is rubbing off party people.  My daughter was home from school sick on Friday.  This was on our front porch…the note mentioned project 12 and random acts of kindness.

I cannot begin to imagine if the whole world behaved this way.  Let’s keep this up.  <3

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