Distorted Image?

“Just driving around being HOT and AWESOME!”

A few years ago, my friend Heather called me as I was driving around running errands with my kids.  I picked up the phone and after she asked the normal question, “What are you doing?”  My answer?   “Just driving around being hot and awesome!”

She died laughing, and of course I did too.

Her and I both joke about our distorted self-image.  We both blame it on our moms for telling us how beautiful, smart, and talented we were growing up.

I may not have looked hot or awesome by any means to anyone that day.  But, Heather and I were working out together at the YMCA a ton, eating healthy foods to fuel our body, and of course rubbing cuticle cream on our nails daily.  We were remembering who we were again, outside the role of “mommy”.


The point is…When you feel hot and awesome, you are hot and awesome.


PS- get you some of that Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream.  It’s the shizzle.

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