DIY Key Jar

If your family dinners are not exciting,  or you never have anything to talk about,  I suggest you make this jar!  We got the idea from Momastery Blog.


What you will need:

-Paint & Paintbrushes

-Mason Jars

-Printed Sheets:  we used THESE (or you can create your own!)



Step 1: Print out key jar sheets HERE, or write your own.  Cut into strips.


Step 2: Paint your jar(s. ) I used this mint green, which was light,  so I needed 2 coats. Painting can get messy so I suggest using a magazine or newspaper underneath your work space!


After your jar dries you can then paint a saying on your jar. I wrote “The Key Jar” but you could write “The Family Jar” or “The Talking Jar”. When your jar is completely dry then you can fold you papers up and put them in the jar. Make sure you put the jar somewhere where you can remember! We are heading up for Tennessee soon so we are going to pack it for the car but you can put yours on your kitchen table or in a room where your family gathers!

Happy Talking! 🙂



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