Enough of the guilt!

Stop the Disclaimers!

I went to a yoga class today at 11:00 am, and ran into a friend.  I felt the need to tell her why I was not at work, and that I had a sinus infection, and my snot was green so it really was a real infection, and I could have taken a half day, and that I needed the humidity of the yoga room, and blah blah blah.  She didn’t ask why I wasn’t at work.  I just felt the need to tell her because I felt guilty.
Why do “we”  feel so guilty?   (“we” being you…Americans, women, moms…)

A friend had a birthday last week.  I knew she was getting a massage for her birthday, so the next time I saw her, I asked how her massage was.  She told me it was wonderful, and then explained to the other people around us that it was her birthday.  She felt guilty for getting a massage.  When she give the disclaimer of it being her birthday she felt better.  Those people didn’t care if she got a massage on her birthday or her butt-day.

Let’s stop with the disclaimers.  No one else cares but you.  Most people think it is awesome if you take a day off and go to a yoga class, or go get a massage…even when it isn’t your birthday.

I really want to let some of my worker/mom/wife guilt go.  I work hard at my job everyday, I am a good mom, and an even better wife.  Just ask my husband.

Here’s the thing…Will I take my doctor’s note to work tomorrow?  You bet your ass  butt I will.


Plus, I want this dog.

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