Fall Must Haves


I have a special “spot” on the couch.  It is my spot, and everyone in the family knows it.  If my kids are in my spot, they know to move when I come in the den.  (Yes.  I am that mean of a mom.  If they grumble about moving, I make them sleep in the chicken coop.)

There are many days when I don’t even get to sit in my spot because I am so busy, then end up having somewhere to be in the evening too.  This Friday evening I was wiped out!  I wanted nothing more than my spot on the couch under a cozy blanket with a cup of tea.  I recently got a manicure, and I really love how clean and sweet this bubble bath color is.  I like to keep it neutral for the most part.  I know the dark wine-ish colors are popular again this fall, but I’m keeping it Switzerland.


This tea just has fall written all over it.  I added a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream and it tasted like a cinnamon bun.  Heavenly!


My kids love picking out soups for the different seasons.  They actually enjoy washing their hands if I let them pick their own scent.  Whatever it takes, right?   Our favorite fall smells this year are: Weekend Apple Picking, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, and Golden Autumn Citrus.

IMG_8732I bought three pairs of pants on Friday.  Three.  I do not ever do stuff like this.  First of all, I usually don’t have the money to buy anything, and secondly, I am just not a big shopper.  (groceries, yes.  clothes/shoes/bags, no.)  I spent more than I was planning, but these Shine Tights from Lululemon (on the right) are so amazing I had to buy two pairs.  They are high-waisted, so you can just tuck all that stuff right in.  (You could roll them down for they low-rise look, but if you have carried giant babies in your belly, that look is long gone.)

My friend Jenny has been trying to get me into these for a few months now.  I didn’t try them because I thought the shine would accent a feature I try to downplay.   Pear shaped women don’t wear shiny things on the bottom!   I tried on the black pair in the store and loved them so much, I bought the green pair too.  That is BIG guys.  Because pear shaped women don’t wear anything except black on the bottom.  Or really, really, really dark gray.

I promise these are so well cut, and very flattering.  (Obvisoulsy…I bought 2 pairs!)  I have worn them non stop since I bought them!  I even wore them with boots and a cute top and they looked really good, so they are really versatile.   Worth every penny.  My husband is not mad about the money I spent because my butt looks so good in them.

I also bought a singlet top in turquoise that was on sale and pair of wunder under roll down pants…which for me means high-waisted.  I am so happy that all these high-waisted stuff is in!  My curves are rejoicing!

To wrap it up my fall must haves:  my cozy spot on the couch,  manicure that look like you didn’t get a manicure, cinnamon tea, soaps that have a “fall” scent, and shine tights from Lululemon.

How about you?  What are your fall MUST HAVES?

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