February Edition of Loving lately

Winter is a time when people get grumpy and frumpy because it is so damn cold.  I get it.  I am NOT a winter person.   And now we have 6 more weeks of it?!

Checking in with the people/things I am grateful for daily really helps put thing in perspective.  Besides my amazing family, great friends, and a job that I cannot get enough of, I have  a lot of things I love  WAAAAYYY more than winter.

Here is a look at 10 pretty  random things I am loving lately:


1. This mascara.  It is cheap and magical.  I use the waterproof  version since I can’t even make it through a church service without bawling my eyes out.  Even after teaching hot yoga, my lashes look amazing.  I got my tube at Ulta for $7.99.


2.  BareMinerals Complexion Rescue.  You guys know I have always raved about Smashbox having the best BB cream.  Changed my mind– this is the best.  I love that it is gel-like, and makes my skin look dewy.  I got mine at Ulta for $38.


3.  Upping the Vitamin D.  The multivitamin pack I take already has 1600IU.  I’ve been popping two of these in addition to that to help fight off depression/weight gain that comes with grief and winter months.


4.  These socks.  I admit that I usually just buy cheap socks, because I am a yoga teacher, and just we just don’t wear socks.   Feet are a pretty big deal, and we abuse them on the regular.   I decided to  splurge a bit because I started going to Carolina Sweat.  The socks  are really supportive, and sweat wicking.  Since I have never had nice socks before, I thought it was really cool that they have the R and the L.  (I know….what have I been wearing all these years?  No wonder I have bunions.)  I scored a 2-pack  for $9.99 at Wal-Mart.



5.  Carolina Sweat-  Another reason I am loving the socks I mentioned above..they don’t let you go barefooted.  I started going last week to the new Matthews location and I really like it.   Since yoga is a no go for me right now, I needed to do something to keep me busy and to stay in shape.  Or maybe I should say get in shape.  It is a 45 minute workout, and  I am always completely toast.   I love how the trainers push you to do your best, and the workouts are always different, so I don’t get bored.  I can’t wait to see if I lose some inches and gain some strength.  I’ll  share more on this  soon.


6.  Betches on Instagram.  My friend Katie recommended following them, and I am so glad I did.   I laugh every day.  Warning:  the posts can be inappropriate.  Inappropriately hilarious.



7.  a.good.word on Instagram. This is another one I added to my follow list a few months ago and I am so glad I did.   Never inappropriate, always beautiful.  That is this girls handwriting ya’ll.


8.  These gold feather earrings.  I got these in Blowing Rock at this adorable store.  I got them the same day my dad fell.   Before all the hospitalization and the brain surgeries, and before he passed away.  They are light and shiny and remind me of him.


9.  This book.  Not that it is necessarily the best book.   I am reading it with my Women’s  Circle  at church, and I love those ladies.  I love meeting with them on Wednesdays and discussing life, marriage, parenting, and our relationship with God.


10.  Peace Lilies.   It has been almost a month since my dad passed away.  All the other flowers have died.  We have eaten all the casseroles.  No more cards in the mail.  This is a hard stage.  It is a  stage my friends told me about, when it feels like everyone else forgets about you, and a stage where you may need the most support. I am pretty good about asking for what I need, and saying NO when things are too much.  These peace lilies are such a beautiful, positive reminder for me just  to breathe and  accept my feelings in each moment.

Lets discuss?   What are some things that bring you joy and warmth in these cold winter months?  Leave me a  comment! 








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5 thoughts on “February Edition of Loving lately”

  1. Kacy,

    First off, want to say how sorry I am about your dad. I can’t imagine the grief process you are going through. I do hope each day is getting easier for you. Hang in there.

    Second, some of my fav things for getting through February. New York the Novel and a hot cup of coffee (and the time to read this great book.) Thankfulness that my children are finally well again, it was a LOOOONG January what with the flu and viruses. And a new pair of flannel pj’s from Christmas. (and again, the time to actually get in them and relax before I fall into bed. 🙂 oh, and that my children are finally both released from OrthoCarolina and that I don’t have to shuttle anyone to PT after tomorrow. (at least for now…..)

    1. Stephanie-Thank you so much for your sweet words. Some days are good, and some are sad, and some are so joyous. It is just a process. Thanks for the book recommendation…and I cannot believe I didn’t mention coffee as one of my top 10s this month. I guess because I always love my coffee…its a given. Glad your kiddos are on the mend. When are we going to meet? XO

    1. Thank goodness I don’t dip the leaves in peanut butter or we would me in trouble. Me and Toby! Haha-totally kidding. Thanks Jenn! XO

  2. The winter months are hard for those of us who are cramped up in the house all the time and can’t go anywhere. That’s the hardest part for those of us on dialysis and other chronic illnesses. Can’t drink water, can’t eat hardly anything……Yep, it’s hard, but I know that Spring is on its way and the sun will rise tomorrow just as it has since the beginning of time and separation of day and night. All things are temporary and even the bad will pass. I think about your Dad everyday of my life and you as well. I wish I had been sending you a card everyday because I have thought about it every day. Know that I love you, Kacy. It will get better.

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