February Project 12- Love Letters

Project 12 is in full swing…I just haven’t blogged about it yet.  This month, I am writing love letters.  Everyday, I sit down and  I write a letter to someone I love, then mail it to them.


We get really caught up in the whole romantic love…especially this month.  But love is so much more than just hearts and valentines. (romantic love)

I love pretty hard.  I am pretty open about my love.  I truly love so very much about so very many people.  Sometimes it is love of admiration, compassion, maternal, or even a spiritual love.   What better way to show my gratitude and appreciation for these people than a letter in the mail?


I had to get prepared for all this love letter writing, so off to Target.  Cute new stationary and new pens.


I came home and made a list…these are people I love and I want to let them know that.  (I had to cover because I wrote some last names)  As the days of letter writing have happened, I have added to the list.  I know February has 28 days, so I said 28 letters initally, but I can’t stop this love train.  I have written 2-5 a day!


I bought actual stamps.  A lot of stamps.  I think the purchase was worth it, and my time so far is well spent.

You know how awesome it is to get something in the mail?  How amazing it feels to be appreciated and loved?

Here is your challenge…Write three love letters this month.  Don’t text the message, or email it.  Get out your stationary, your gel pens, and I will even loan you a stamp.  Who is in?


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2 thoughts on “February Project 12- Love Letters”

  1. Great idea! I’m working my way through a handwritten letter each day for 2015 (YearOfLetters.com) I’m not necessarily writing love letters though, but writing meaningful letters to those you love is an awesome idea. I’m not sure I have that many people to write such sincere letters to over the course of a year! Good luck to you.

    1. It sounds like you are doing amazing things…a letter a day for a year!? That is awesome. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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