February Project 12 Update

I am still writing a letter a day.  Sometimes two.   These are letters of thanks, a quick note to say hello, or just to let my friends/family know how much they are loved.   It takes all of 5 minutes.   I love how many of you have felt inspired to write your own letters.  Keep it up!  If you haven’t written someone a letter yet, do it today!


My kids were inspired when we had the snow/ice days this week to spread the love.  They even said…”Think how happy _________ will be to get this letter in the mail.”  (Exactly.)


This guy even sat down and wrote a letter to his aunt who lives in Virginia.  (LOVE HIM.)



I actually received a letter in the mail this month too!

Reed Sandridge, who is doing something very similar with his blog, YearofLetters,  found my site through a mutual friend.  Reed and I have never met, but I felt really special to be included in his 365 letter writing campaign.  Giving and grief can connect people in unspeakable ways. You should check out his blog….I really enjoyed  reading through it.  (You can read my letter HERE.  )

Over halfway through the month, and I am on love letter 25!  There are days where I am compelled to write 2.  You can do this!

I am also begging my family to eat dinner out constantly until March Project 12 comes….we aren’t eating out the ENTIRE month.  I seriously have a lunch date scheduled pretty much everyday for the rest of February.  I am secretly hoping one of you guys takes me out next month, without using scandalous ways like last year.


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