February Project 12


After bragging to a friend at a Super Bowl party that my kids never get sick.  They are sick.  Both of them.  Stomach bug.  We had kiwi for dinner last night.  It looked like one million lemon poppy-seed muffins exploded in their beds.  How many seeds are in 2 little kiwis? 2 pale-faced sad little babies.   Laundry for hours over here.  Guess I need to quit bragging and pray we make it through the day keeping ginger ale down.

Alright…back to Project 12.   We as a family are giving away 12 items a week.  48 possessions this month.   I live in a  house, own a car, I counted 10 pairs of sneakers (but only wear one),  8 sets of sheets, more towels than I could ever use, 25 puzzles, oodles of books, dishes galore…you get the idea.  EXCESS.  We all have this stuff.  It is easy to get caught up in the “need” for so many items.   I am so lucky.  I have everything I need and most of what I want.  Others are living right in my city do not even have their needs met, and  their wants are a dream.

It would be very easy to throw a bunch of stuff into bag and drop it off at Goodwill.  But that is not what this is about.  I want to give away things I have excess of to someone who needs/wants it.  I want my kids to see that giving to others is the way we are supposed to live.    This is going to be hard…because sometimes it is stuff I still want. (but don’t need. )  So I am shutting up the child/hoarder/grandmother/save it for rainy day devil on my shoulder and listening to the angel that says I’ll be just fine.


My daughter gave 5 items away to a child younger than her…included was this sticker art she got for Christmas.  It had never been opened.  She said she was saving it for when she was super bored one day and that it was kinda babyish for her.  We talked about the whole rainy day idea and that it is better to give something away to someone who will LOVE it…and not wait until they are super bored.  (I may have ranted a little about only boring people being bored and how can you be bored when you have everything you could ever need and want?!)


My friend Shawna has a son, so Brody gave her 9 items for her little  one.  Pants, a couple pairs of shoes, sweaters, and some jackets.


And this is my friend Mallory, fellow member of Lowcarbinit.  She didn’t have a crock pot.    I had two.  Duh.  Now she has my grandmother’s super-duper fantabulous crock pot.   Not that this wasn’t a struggle for me.  I like having two.  One for chili, one for potato soup.  Two awesome dips for a party.  Loads of apple cider at Christmas.  But again…it isn’t a need.  Hell, a crock pot isn’t a need.  It is a want.  I want one and I have one.  I’m good.

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