Feeling not Seeing

 One of my favorite yoga teachers gave me a new bracelet…it’s the big bad ass leather one in the middle.  It says Shakti, which literally means strength…more specifically, a mighty feminine force.   I have worn it non-stop since, and it is an awesome reminder daily that I am strong and I am powerful.   Shakti=Power.


I recently taught a class at the Y…a group of sassy seniors.  They insisted on closing the curtain over the mirrors before we began our practice.  Why?  They like to “feel” their practice.  I loved it.  I looked at these wise, beautiful people, and we began class.  We felt our way through the movements.  It was a restorative, gentle yoga, so I moved with them.  I loved closing my eyes and feeling my practice.  Really feeling it.  I taught another yoga  class later that day, and encouraged them to do the same thing.  Instead of looking at what your practice is…FEEL it.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the mirror.  It is nice to be reminded that this body is just a shell.  A shell that houses beauty, love, peace, and…shakti.


I have been thinking a lot about this blog as I near my 1 year blog-anniversary.  I started it to deal with my diagnosis of a chronic disease.  Over the past year, it has been such a wonderful outlet and I have connected with so many wonderful people.  Fellow UC-ers,  other bloggers, yogis, and so many more.

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