Flat Rock

I am about to go out of town again this weekend, but I wanted to share my last experience first!  My husband and I traveled to Flat Rock, NC for a wedding a few weeks ago.  We stayed at the Highland Lake Inn & Resort, which is where the wedding was.   We did not bring our kids, but this place is very kid-friendly.  (We discussed going back this summer and bringing them!)

Here is a look at our trip in pictures!


Our little cabin!  This is how I like to rough it!  We had a huge king-sized bed, with a full bath, and a mini fridge!


We got to Flat Rock early, so we could have time to hike and look around before the wedding.  Here you can see they are already set up and ready!


Beautiful lake complete with paddle boats, and canoes you can use for more exploring.


We hiked further to see this awesome waterfall and geese with their babies.


I was surprised they let us get so close.


Here I am climbing on stones.  (I am scared of heights, and I am not kidding when I tell you my husband had to help me down.  All four feet.  I was nervous-hysterical-laughing.  almost crying.)


I have never seen an all-white peacock before.   She was just roaming around and posed for this shot.


Yes.  There is a yoga studio on the grounds.  It was closed, (no classes on Saturday afternoon or Sundays) so I didn’t get to take a class,  we just snooped in the windows.


They had a pretty sweet chicken coop too.   (But they probably didn’t name their girls after gems.)


A former co-worker (from when I had a real job), the beautiful bride and me!


The restaurant on site is called Season’s.  They pride themselves on using local ingredients and have won many awards.  This is my husband’s plate and it looked way better than mine.  Mine had just a tiny bit of mac and cheese because that is like crack to me.


This is a picstitch of the breakfast spread…amazing.


These seed packets were on the table as our gifts.  I can’t wait to plant them and see what sprouts up!


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