I woke up this morning and had the feeling I may have been gang banged last night while I slept.  Then I remembered I took a Flywheel class for the first time yesterday.  (one of my 2013 goals) Oh yeah…that’s why I bought that padded seat when I used to take Cycle classes at the Y years ago.  All kidding aside, it was a fun experience.  And I got to go for free which made it even better!  (classes are $18 a pop!).  For 45 minutes, we pedaled, turned our torq, and sprinted.  The lights were off- I was thankful since I was a newbie.  My name was on the “Torq” board a few times…one time I was in 7th place.  The music was fantasic–I kinda thought I was listening to my Hot Vinyasa playlist…a little Kanye, then Papa Roach, then Sweet Caroline!  Is that tooting my own horn?  The instructor was fun and energetic.  (and hot.  whoops.)

Have you had the ChickFilA sauce?  I swear I am addicted.  It is liquid crack.


“Yeah, I’ll have one nugget and 18 packs of sauce please.” 

I go every Tuesday to Chick Fil A with my kids after they take gymnastics.  The teenagers who work there are polite and call me ma’am.  They come and take my tray and refill my drink.  I love it.  The past two Tuesdays we missed because sweet baby Jesus was born, then New Years day.  I’m in major withdrawl and going tonight has been the only thing keeping me sane today this week.

I know the first ingredient is oil, and the second is sugar.  I only use one.  And I get a Diet Dr. Pepper. I am trying Tuesday and Saturday now. 


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