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Even though I do not have a “real” job anymore (meaning a 9-5er) I am crazy busy.  I teach (on average) 15 yoga classes a week, I write this blog, I have a couple private clients, I am mentoring a few new yoga teacher graduates, and of course my favorites roles…Full time mom and wife of the year.


I like to plan;/prep our meals for the week the weekend before.  I let my kids pick a meal (within reason!) that they want and me and my husband pick something we like too.  We are creatures of habit, so we usually rotate the same menu items throughout the month.  This week’s menu:

Sunday:  Salsa Chicken
Monday:  BLT’s (my husband and I do BLT salads) and honeydew
Tuesday:  Breakfast for dinner (I am excited to try a new way to cook the eggs inside pepper rings…stay tuned!)
Wednesday:  Chicken salad (from the Fresh Market…the best!) and raw veggies (my kids put their chicken salad on a tortilla)
Thursday:  Whatever (this is always in the week somewhere…usually on Thursday or Friday since I don’t get home after teaching yoga until 6:00pm.  This means we just eat whatever we have in the fridge.  Leftovers, a huge salad,  or frozen veggies and a protein.
Friday:  I am meeting friends at La Paz, so I am sure my husband and kids will have pizza and movie night.


To make our weeks run smoothly,  I spend a couple hours on Sunday or Monday prepping for the week.  I love dinner time at our house.  It is one of the only times the four of us sit down and talk.  No phones, no TV, no books at the table.  I don’t want to make preparing dinner be stressful either.  My kids love to help with dinner, but I usually go ahead and knock out the big stuff while they are at school.  I went ahead and cut our giant honeydew and put in into 2 dinner containers, and two little containers so the kids could pack it in their lunches.


I packed my lunch for so long when I was a teacher I am still in the habit of preparing my lunches in advance…even though I come home for lunch more often than not.  I like having it ready to eat because after I teach hot yoga, and practice I am starving!   My husband packs his lunch too, so this week I made us chicken breast burgers with sharp cheddar melted on top and cucumber salad.   (Yes.  I make my husband’s lunch for him and love every minute of it.)


This is my first time trying this cucumber salad…it is fresh, light, and really GREEN!  Here’s what you need:  2 English cucumbers, cilantro, about 8 green onions, 1/4 cup each of lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil.  Mix all together!  Delish!


Of course I read the directions after the fact, and I was supposed to sprinkle the cukes with salt to soak some of the moisture out.  And add lemon zest.  Oh well.  I added lots of fresh ground pepper instead.


I usually boil eggs for a quick protein snack.  (my son loves boiled eggs!)  I find it best to boil them and go ahead and peel them and have them ready to eat.


What is it with kids and Jello?   My kids will see these little cups and act like I am the best chef in the world.  Seriously…they start jumping up and down and clapping.

This whole mommy-praise thing can’t last for too long.  (I’m tearing up…) So guess what?  I make them Jello.

How about you?  Do you food prep for the week or just wing it?

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  1. Ok..I am inspired! I need help. Private lessons, where, $, 2x-a week in the beginning and start in July. ( I am out of town lots this month). Looking forward to working with you TV star! Jan:)

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