Food Truck Party


It was Saturday evening, the baby sitter arrived and we were off!  A friend of mine invited us to a her gorgeous home for a food truck party.  We missed this event last year…I have no idea why but we will never miss it again.  Ever.


This is pretty much a genius idea.  The food truck comes and parks in your driveway.  You cook nothing and your kitchen stays clean.  Everyone pigs out and loves you indefinitely.  I’s a win-win.  (plus another win-win)  I just wish I thought of it.


My husband drank fancy beer (meaning not Miller Lite), and I had a glass of each of these.  It is no secret that my favorite red wine is always Malbec.  The Layer Cake was the best…super big, rich flavor.


So much yummy food to choose from!  He got the Chipotle BBQ Burger- 6oz of black angus, grilled onions, bacon-studded cheddar, and chipotle bbq sauce on an onion bun.  My choice (which we both agreed was the best) was the Fried Green Tomato grilled cheese.  Provolone, Havarti, fried green tomatoes, and roasted red pepper aioli on sourdough.  This was so good that he got another one to go when we were leaving!  We both got parmesan truffle fries…incredible.  We both agreed that we were so full and would have to be pretty strict with our eating over the next week.  But there is always room for a little dessert!



No party is complete without dessert.  And you can never go wrong with cupcakes.  Or bacon.  These maple bacon cupcakes were the perfect salty/sweet/savory mix.

I would suggest everyone have Food Truck parties and invite us.  Or at least me.

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