For the Love…A Teaser


A few months ago, I announced that I was selected to be on the Launch Team for Jen Hatmaker’s new book, For The Love.  I am still on the biggest high about all this.  There is no joke when I say that I sorta want to be Jen Hatmaker when I grow up.  Being on this Launch Team has been more than just getting an advanced copy of the book…I have 499, actually make that 4,499 new friends.  Yep.  Jen and her amazing, giving, hilarious self decided that she wanted the 4,500 others applicants that didn’t make the official launch team to be involved too.  So, while you are living your life we are all in this underground society of women (and some men) reading, laughing, loving, sharing and feverishly praying.  It is BIG TIME.  These launch members are young/old/black/white and everywhere in between.  Some have a lot of money and some have very little.  They are happily married, sadly divorced, college students, and empty nesters.  We have welcomed new babies and puppies, and cried when loved ones have died.   These people make shirts, mugs, and leather bracelets.  I have never in my life been a part of something so large where EVERY SINGLE MEMBER own these wide-open hearts.


Yep.  Bought a mug.  I am only pretending to drink out of it.  It is just for looks.  I don’t want the letters to come off in the dishwasher, or my husband to accidently drop it and it shatter into pieces.  I am afraid the merlot coffee will make a stain and it will be ruined and gone forever.

Just like this whole Launch Team deal.  The book comes out August 8th.  That will be here tomorrow basically.

I don’t want this whole Launch party thing to end.  It has become part of my life.  These women, the book, the connection.  I have re-read the book over 100 times.  I still laugh and cry.  Jen has actually invited us 500 to come to Austin for a live party.  I am so giddy even thinking about meeting her.   I would actually sit my butt on her couch.  Like where her butt sits everyday.  #ican’teven.

This book is genius.  If you haven’t preordered…go HERE now and do it.  I know I have a tendency to exaggerate…but I am serious when I say this is one of the best books I have ever read.  For The Love is a book on how amazing YOU are.  Yes, you.  How this whole grace thing is real, and how we are free to live and SHOW UP in this beautiful life.  We are free to be ourselves, free to serve, and free to love.  We were essentially created to love.  To love God, to love ourselves, to love our families, our co-workers, our neighbors, to love yoga pants, to love our partners, to love cheese and red wine, and even to love that semi-annoying person in your life.  Show up and love.  It can be that simple.  It is that simple.

In chapter 3 of this book, Jen talks about our “calling.”  This is something I think we all struggle with at some point in our lives.  I have struggled in the past with my life being equal to my calling.  Mommas, you hear me.  Changing your shirt 17 times because the baby keeps spitting up on your shoulder.  Are these dirty dishes in the sink really my calling?  Is it my calling to pee in my pants every time I do a jumping jack?  (Don’t stop doing jumping jacks…it can happen when you sneeze party people.)  Yes. All of this is our calling.  We may not be in a lab finding the cure for cancer.  That is not our gift.  Our gift is showing up.  So show up.  Teach our children what it looks like to to show up and how to love.  Letting them see how we speak to others, and model behavior and kindness.

Jen’s chapters on Telling the Truth, Dear Kids, and Marriage are deep, touching and so on point.  I still bawl my eyes out every time I read them.  In Telling the Truth, she reminds us that secrets are wild and free in the dark…but truth telling is liberating and freeing.  Dear Kids is a chapter dedicated to her children. Reminding them to choose kindness, to love Jesus, and to be themselves.  The chapter on Marriage is so REAL.  Jen uses her own success/failures to come up with 10 to-dos. Some of her ideas include having FUN with your man, finding a couple to date/vacay with,  and having lots and lots of sex.  I snuck and let my husband read that one sentence of the book.  He loves Jen Hatmaker now too.

She talks about dress codes, turning 40, and if there were no social media around way back when.  There are four hysterical chapters that Jen titles, Thank You Notes.  She sarcastically thanks people who reply “all” to emails, automatic flushing toilets, and the lady who ends up in in the dressing room next to you who always needs a size 2 because the size 4 is simply falling off.  #ican’teven.

Do yourself a flavor.  (not a typo)  Go order the book.

Start reading  Start loving.  Start SHOWING UP.



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