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She said I look “mischievous.” Photo Credit: Wanda Koch


Lots of new things this week!  I started teaching a class at a different studio, Laughing Buddha, so I got to get some new headshots for their website!  Wanda Koch does the yoga photos for just about every studio in Charlotte, and she is amazing!

I also tried two new fitness adventures this week. Yoga Fusion at Laughing Buddha Yoga Studio and CrossFit at Metro.  Monday was the Yoga Fusion..  This is where you combine yoga with weights, bars, and resistance bands.  The warm up was typical yoga–sun salutations.  After that we got down to business with bicep curls, chest presses and even dead lifts.  The instructor had us use two blocks like a bench.  I loved the idea of changing up my routine.  The amount of squat and lunges did a number on my low body, so I was pretty sore on Tuesday.   Wednesday was my next adventure–Crossfit.  I went to the 7am class-which ended up being pretty small.  It was me and some other guy, Dan, who had only done CrossFit one other time.  Great, we were both newbies!  We were told to take an easy jog down Selwyn to warm up.  DanDaddyLongLegs was like 13 feet tall and finished his “jog” in point five seconds.  I was sprinting to keep up with him, and already exhausted before we started.   After that we did some back squat with a bar, and kept adding weights.  I really liked that part…I was slower paced and I was not out of breath the whole time!    Then came the WOD.  That’s kinda like your assignment.

3 reps:

15 Pull Ups

30 Push Ups

15 Toes to Bar

30 Kettleballsquatdeltoidraise things.

It seemed so easy written up on the white board.

I did one pull up.  After that, I had to modify using a gianormas rubber band and flying my legs up to help with momentum.  Push ups were great the first round.  Rounds two and three, I was on my knees.  and barely pushing up.  The real way to do the toes to bar thing looked hard, and the instructor even said it was super hard.  I modified.  again.  Kettlebell thingy at the end tore into my shoulders.  I did get to put chalk on my hands and I felt like a bad ass.  Even driving home when my forearms were twitching involuntarily.  The instructor was so encouraging, and I would not have made it through with her cheering me on!  I finished in 19:13.  Less that 20 minutes.  Most people on the board were around 16 minutes.  I like the idea that I did 90 push ups before 8am on a Wednesday.  That is badass.  Now, blow drying my hair on Thursday?  Actually, picking up my phone?  Not badass.  Whimperuglycryass.   Kidding.  I like the feeling of being sore, like I had a really good workout.  If I could afford it, Crossfit would be one of my drugs of choice.  Maybe someone reading this will hire me to teach a yoga class there, then I can train for free?  🙂


New Read:  Brave Girl Eating by Harriet Brown.  I think Dr Oz or Dr Phil or Dr Pepper suggested it.  It is a family’s journey with anorexia.  One thing really stuck out to me as I was reading it…I’ll try to paraprase…The mom is making milkshakes for her daughter and her friends and of course they are all saying how fat their thighs are, chunks of fat rolls on their bellies , and blah blah.  The mom wonders what would happen if one teen girl, somewhere, said, “I like myself.”   Teenagers are herd animals and  use this fat-bashing as a bonding experience, to conform.  Would that girl become and outsider?  Or could she start something positive?  That just really hit me.

Baddha Konasana Photo Credit: Wanda Koch
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