Getting it all in!

The week before school starts is always hectic.  We are frantically running around this last week getting backpacks, lunch boxes and new shoes. We always try to cram in a few more pool trips, leisurely lunches out, and middle of the day movies–knocking those last items off our bucket list!


This is the first time in 31 years that I don’t have to go to school.   I so not have to have  that anxious/crazy feeling.  I keep getting it though…just out of habit I guess.   I am dying, ya’ll.    I keep getting that knot in my stomach and I have to remind myself that I don’t have to go!  The stress has caused my UC to flare up which to be honest only pisses me off.   I told my husband the other day that I wish my body would cooperate with how happy my spirit is.


This quote found me and I really connect with it.   I am beginning to breathe and live.   I am so in love with my life.  My family, my job, my friends, my dog, my amazing opportunities.  I get really excited about little things, and as much as it annoys my family, I am not going to stop.  Sorry family.  We will continue to have dance parties when I find a penny heads up.  Everything is inspiring!



My daughter and I went and saw The Giver yesterday afternoon, and I highly recommend.  I also recommend popcorn with tons of butter if you aren’t eating only 12 foods.  🙁  I refrained.  And pouted.

I usually make my kids (and myself) read the book before seeing the movie, but we had some tickets fall in our lap, so I made an exception.   A librarian friend of mine said she has been trying to get kids to read this book for years, but kids don’t like the “boring” cover.  Louis Lowry has now changed the cover and introduction to appeal to young readers!  I’m excited to read the book with my daughter now.  I heard it was very different, so it will be fun having her reading along with me to  discuss the differences.


My friend Heather came by to look at all my products this week.  She wants  to use me for a new blog post—she totally raided my beauty cabinet.  I’ll let you know when she posts the blog.  (I am sure my stuff has so many horrible chemicals in it.  I was using Beauty Counter for a while, and I really loved it.  My skin really liked it too.  I don’t know why I stopped, but I had an “aha!” moment when I was talking with her, so I think I will go back to using that skin care regimen.)


I am really excited about my September Project 12!  After a quick pool trip with the kids, I went around a few different studios and dropped off my flyers.  All of the proceeds from these classes go to charity, so I was able to get the flyers printed, and all the venue spaces donated!


My kids really wanted Mexican food the last night, so we tried out a little neighborhood restaurant, Cabos.  I am still sticking with my Project 12 approved food list, so a taco salad was pretty much the only thing I could get.  (but minus the beans, sour cream, and  salsa.)  The waiter promised me…in really broken English that the cheese was cheddar.  “Cheddar from Mexico!”  He seriously exclaimed that line a few times.  I did not eat the giant bowl, but watched my chickens fight over it when I got home!

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9 thoughts on “Getting it all in!”

  1. Don’t you just hate it when stress creeps in and you forget how great you really have it? It seems the breath leaves your body and you forget how to relax and be in the ‘now’. 🙂 Yes, I have those moments. Good luck on your September project 12, sounds like a great thing to do!

  2. Hi Kacy,
    I do know the stress of school clothes and watching my nieces get off to school and for my many years of teaching! I, too, always find myself holding my breath around this time. My friend said, “Why are you stressed. This isn’t your life anymore!” Ha ha! There seems to be a disconnect in us when our body says one thing out of habit but our minds say, “Yeah, that’s right!!” But I love looking at those “back to school” pics. Loved the quote you posted. I also read about The Giver, just this morning. Have a wonderful September and go right on lovin’ your life!!!

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for reading and commenting! I agree that the school life isn’t our life anymore, but when it was for sooooo long, it is hard to change your thought patterns!

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