Girls Weekend

I am heading out of town for a much needed girls trip to the beach.  I have had so much going on this month, adding classes to my teaching schedule, my donation classes, picking up private clients, and some family business that has thrown me on an emotional roller coaster.  I  am really ready to CHILL.


My family business is nothing too serious.  My son just cannot seem to keep it together.  He is so smart, (like really smart, not just because I am his mom and I think he is smart) so that is the really frustrating thing about him and all his antics.  I have to talk to his teacher EVERY DAY after school to check in.   School has only been in session a little over a month.  But, it isn’t just school.  It’s at church, at Cub Scouts, and even in our own backyard.  I thought my chickens weren’t laying, and I was very worried.  I started feeding them more, asking  other chicken mamas, reading up on it.  Dennis the Menace, AKA,  my sweet baby boy has been throwing the eggs at the neighbor’s house.  It was weird that he has been so “helpful” lately and wanted to collect the eggs.  The poor neighbors.  They knew it was my Brody.  They didn’t want to accuse him, but they finally saw him hiding in their bushes when they were leaving to go to dinner the other night.  I know it is funny, and most of his shenanigans are harmless.  Its building creations out of materials he shouldn’t, tying other kids’ shoelaces together, taking apart mechanical stuff to see how it works.  He is not malicious, just creative.  I have still lost a lot of sleep the past few weeks, and honestly it breaks my heart that he cannot get his shit together because I love him so much.  I just keep thinking that he is going to be labeled as “that kid.”  Teacher friends, you know the one.  His heart is in the right place…he got this one earring and pin for me to take on my trip….Please don’t ask where he got them…I didn’t.  He probably teleported to Queen Elizabeth’s castle.  I mean,  “someTING for Mommy.”  Swoon.


On to another reason I am excited about my weekend away…laughing with my friends is the best  medicine of all.   Shopping without a little person asking if they can have something, eating dinner out at nice restaurants without wondering if the waitress hates you, and not rushing anywhere.  I made sure to pack all the essentials for our trip.  Coffee, salt and vinegar almonds, and the makings for dreamscicles.


A friend of mine treated me to a 90 minute massage yesterday.  (I know, right?)  My low back and glutes have been so tight lately…probably from stress.  It has gotten so back that it is messing with my practice, and even my sleep.  This lady was amazing.  It can be a little uncomfortable to ask a stranger (even a professional) to stick their elbows in your butt.   I felt some release for the first time in over 3 weeks.   I really need to get on a regular schedule and just get a massage once a month.  It would be really good for me, since I bend down and massage other people every single day.


My husband and I were able to get a sitter and have a beautiful candlelit dinner last night at Dolce.  They had a dinner special that was amazing.  Pan seared mahi-mahi, topped with shrimp and asparagus on the side.  I have been craving asparagus since my August Project 12, which is totally weird.  Every time I buy it, I wait too late and it ends up being chicken food.  It was nice to have a quiet dinner alone to talk before I head out of town.

When you go away for the weekend, what are your essentials?  


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